Friday Affirmations — When Life

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When Life Hurts — Float By…

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, wondering what comes next, no juice for the day…when that happens I try and float by until it all feels right in my heart again.  A dog kiss or two helps, and a walk in the woods, and yes a cookie to go along with that coffee.  Hey, never said I was perfect, thank God for that, let’s me feel so much more deeply to be flawed.  Float on butterfly wings until the hurt disappears.  When Life Hurts — Float By…





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  1. Thank you for this, Corrine. I’m floating a bit here as well this morning 🙂

  2. Your wings will carry you through anything! Love you layers by the way!

  3. Amen!

  4. Happy Friday!

  5. I love this affirmation and the image of floating through pain or sadness. This morning I am needing to float above my mother-of-preteen anxieties. Loosening the apron strings is sooo hard. I like the idea of floating through it. Thank you for this image!

  6. Well, I guess floating helped, cuz that’s beautiful. Colors, layers.. yummy! Like that cookie.

  7. Love that vivid butterfly. Wish we lived closer so I could bring you more cookies.

  8. Cookies and dog kisses–always help!

  9. what a beautiful affirmation and reminder. gorgeous piece, and I’d bake you cookies if I baked… By the way your painting arrived today and I just love it. It’s even more beautiful in person. xoxo

  10. I am totally with you on this…..
    And what a lovely, cheerful piece of art.
    PS Thank you for coming to see my blog Corrine….I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL .

  11. Corrine this is a beautiful piece, we all hurt at times, part of life, as you say so well just float by! xx

  12. great advice…

  13. good advice. I think I sunk but am on the rebound! Lucky Star Class!!! WOW!!!

  14. Beautiful butterfly! <3

    When we're overwhelmed, I think the most important thing we can do is take extra good care of ourselves. I put puppy love and cookies in this category, for sure. 🙂

  15. Beautiful thought and gorgeous butterfly. I see you used a Gelli print. It has such nice depth!

    Hugs, joyce

  16. Sounds like an excellent plan, Corrine. And if you were here I would have cookies for you…..

  17. I remember when I was a kid and I would swim across the lake with my Mom and my Aunt. They would remind me that when if I got tired, turn on my back and float, to rest for awhile. I remember the sensation of lying there, just breathing and floating, and seeing the blue sky above me, in a cocoon of clear lake water.
    I think I needed this memory closer to the surface ! Thank you for helping me recover it, Corrine ! Happy Floating…

  18. Oh, I feel the urge to make a beautiful butterfly like yours, then I’d have a reminder to float – we all need a reminder, & to breath as well. Lovely rich colors.

  19. Gorgeous pages. I also really like your website design. Maybe this summer I’ll switch my personal art blog over to wordpress and make it look better!

  20. This is so inspiring Corrine. I’ve done a lot of floating, myself, the past year. But; our art does help us express our feelings doesn’t it?

    Beautiful and expressive piece! xxoo

  21. Touching affirmation this week.

  22. I love this page, Corrine, and know that your affirmation (message) is empowering not only you, but others here that struggle from time to time! Your strong vivid colors bring joy!

  23. Catching up on your posts and wanted to comment on this one…hoping life doesn’t hurt this week. Doggy kisses really do help, don’t they? Big huge xoxo

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