I Am Soooooooooo…..Darn Excited

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Butterfly on paper from my work desk. Leftover’s bliss. Fly away, fly away.

I am so honored and thrilled to be teaching at Lucky Star Art Camp this Fall. To be immersed in an environment where I can spread my wings in a different directions(can you see my budding wings?) and be with a group of women ready to step into their dreams.  Every sleep away retreat I have ever attended has moved me in ways unexpected and enlightening.  I have forged deep and lasting friendships, had moments of blissful beauty captured in the forever time capsule of my mind.  I have cried, and I have laughed until I’ve cried.  I have been awed and humbled at the creative spirit that breathes life into me and each and every person I have met.

I truly hope to see some of you there(fingers crossed and wishing)…Lucky Star is giving away one tuition to one lucky gal so sign up for the mailing list on the web site.  May you spread your wings open wide today and unfold your true creative self – you will never regret it.  I know I sure don’t.  Kickin up my cowboy boot heels….and flying.




  1. Corrine, this is so exciting for you and for the other participants, I know your wings will be strong and you will fly nad hover and glide through the retreat. xx

  2. I’m so excited for you too and maybe for myself as well if I can work out the details to go .
    You’ve been building up to this point for sure. Beautiful wings they are!

  3. Joy jumps off the screen as I read this! So happy for you! Those wings will carry you far! You are going to have an amazing time there!

  4. You will be a wonderful addition to the retreat and your butterfly painting symbolizes the transformation that will take place for you and the others!

  5. What a joyfull post dear Corrine, I can almost feel your enthusiasme and eager, to be there right away.
    Everyone meeting you there will be so lucky!

  6. Happy for you!

  7. I would so love to take your class!! Congratulations, how exciting!

  8. Have a fabulous time teaching with Lucky Star Art Camp. 🙂

  9. Standing and applauding.. BRAVO BRAVO!!!! Well deserved, my friend.

  10. I’m clapping my hands and smiling for you. What a wonderful experience for you and for all the participants. Congratulations!!!

  11. Congrats! What a great opportunity!

  12. I’m so excited for you! And I just signed up for the email list/chance for a spot… what a thrill that would be, to be in your classroom, Corrine!

  13. If i were nearer I’d open my wings & fly over to share in your enthusiasm! Pick up a leftover for me, girl 😉 x

  14. Wonderful Corrine, you are truly flying and so full of bright happy creations reflecting your mood, so happy for you!

  15. So thrilled for you and for all who attend this camp. So wish I lived there and could go too!

  16. Hey! You’re coming to Texas! Oh, I would love to pop over to Hunt and be in your classroom! Ironically I put out some feelers earlier this year about the jewelry teacher position they were looking to fill for that camp. With all that was going on in my life at the time I wasn’t able to follow through with the inquiry but wouldn’t it have been so much fun if it had worked out? That retreat sounds like a lot of fun.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS!! just thrilled for you, and I know you will not only be a great teacher but you will have a great time! x

  18. What an amazing experience for you! Your excitement definitely shines through. We should all be able to afford/manage an art getaway – at least once a year don’t you think? It’s times like this I wish money was no object!

  19. Again, Corrine, a hearty congratulations to you! I checked out the Lucky Star site and am so impressed. There is a wonderful and very talented roster of teachers for the Fall session, be proud!

  20. How fantastic !!! I know it will be a great experience for you, in many different ways ! Bravo, Brave One !

  21. Maria McGuire says:

    You FLY with those classes Brave Girl!!!! Beautiful!

  22. I love retreats too and never regret attending. This one sounds fabulous…which of course will be with you teaching. Your students will be kickin up their heels too. I can see it!

  23. Patricia says:

    I just discovered Lucky Star through Vivienne yesterday. I met the instigator of this gathering at Squam in September and am so delightd to see she’s launching it and the roster sounds delightful! Have wanted to visit the Tx hill country and now have a good excuse to do so, if not this year, then in the future! So many retreats have been popping up lately but until Lucky star nothing was grabbing me…thrilled for your adventure there!

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