Friday Affirmations — Open Your Heart…

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Open you heart to the wildness in your being — be like the rabbit who is food for everything yet travels with an innocent and gentle spirit…

This was a page for my LifeBook 2013 about courage and bravery.  The animal silhouette represents a breaking through of fear for me. I used the rabbit because rabbits are truly food for everything but they also are gentle (just ask Smudge and Praline) and sweet, but can be fierce if threatened and will scratch.  They can freeze and hold perfectly still, dig a shallow dirt bowl hiding place and blend in, yet leap and contort with joy, and yes, they get twitter pated as anyone who knows the story Bambi can attest.. They can dig tenaciously and can carve out a 6 foot long trench for a den in a days time (we have had to fill in several), are smart, know their names, play with toys and can recognize you as friend or foe.  Given a life that is usually short lived, they give birth to many litters(which I translated to many ideas and projects) and are associated with the moon.  All in all a marvelous totem to move through my page with.  The figure is all about expansion, moving outward in every direction and overcoming the fear.  The line through the eyes is about seeing in all directions at once…

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  1. This is another great piece full of such positive energy, it radiates!

  2. love love love this … color and energy and rabbit! 😀

  3. What a gorgeous piece – just bursting with creativity and strength. I didn’t know all of that about rabbits — we had a bunny, but found another home for it when we moved. I loved that little lady and will send you some photos of her with our cat == they became good friends. Unfortunately, she had a love of chewing through computer and telephone cords…

  4. This is an amazing self testament Corrine, and very beautiful! Thank you for wonderful words of wisdom.

  5. I love your symbolism. Very thoughtful and beautiful!

  6. I think this is just wonderful and I love what you wrote about it!

  7. In my own art journaling blog, I felt compelled in the beginning to share the “how” of my creation. Lately, I have been more about sharing the “why” of my creation. I think that is why I find myself so drawn to your work and to your words! Before reading anything here, I look at your art for a few minutes and ponder it, much as I world in an art museum. Then, I read. Reading gives me the feeling of the museum curator giving me a personal tour of the gallery, stopping to give his interpretation of the pieces of artwork. On this particular piece, I first noticed the transference of the color from the rabbit to the female figure, to me symbolizing the transfer of softness, yet strength (because of the size of the rabbit, I think). After reading your narrative, Corrine, I was able to understand the open arms and the exposed heart. There is an underlying message for me in those open arms and all-seeing eyes that advises, “Trust, but with an awareness to your world.” I am both moved an motivated!

  8. I enjoy the imagery in this and the thoughtfulness behind it.

  9. Beautiful use of color and imagery. The rabbit is perfect as the symbol.

  10. Love the message, Corrine. Very tribal in some ways. Be safe from the storm.

  11. This truly has energy Corrine! What a terrific message! Hope you and yours are safe from the storm. xxoo

  12. Rabbits…who knew? I will never look at the little bunnies that live in the woods behind our house the same again. What a powerful symbol of gentle fierceness. Love this post.

  13. I love all the meaning and symbolism behind this piece! I had never thought of bunnies that way but I surely will now!

  14. Love hearing about why you did what you did! Also makes me wish i Joined in on life book!

  15. A happy and generous artwork. Beautiful colour and shapes. I had a pet rabbit too… we were surprised to learn one day that she had been out exploring the neighbourhood every night without us even knowing. He was always there, as usual, in the morning.

  16. Corrine,
    I LOVE this. Beautiful art with such a special message. Whenever I see a rabbit now (there are many in our yard), I will think of you and how special the rabbit really is.
    audrey xo

  17. She’s so powerful and moving. I love that line and the symbolisn of seeing everywhere.

  18. I love your insightful Fridays….always so thought provoking. ‘You rascally rabbit” is a phrase that came to mind and, let’s see, how does it apply to your more thoughtful info about rabbits? Maybe that you often use a touch of rascally whimsy in your work! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your inspirational thoughts and art!

  19. Maria McGuire says:

    This turned out wonderful Corrine. I love how much thought you put into the rabbit and it’s meaning to you. It’s amazing how these Life Book assignments put so much meaning behind our art.

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