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I was reading my pal Jessica Sporn’s blog post about owning your own happiness and after seeing her face #5 I was inspired to draw a new face in my journal.  Drawing is new to me, but I am enjoying the quirkiness of what I see when I tell my story.  There is some mischievous part of me that feels the need to be a bit radical with my faces.  Maybe it’s because I never feel that beautiful physicality has as much value as what’s on the inside.  The real beauty comes from within and like Jessica said today, so does your happiness.  So I am extremely happy to report that I made myself feel joyous drawing my less than perfect face.  Go visit Jessica and tell her what you own about your own happiness today.



  1. Woohoo… she is great!!! The stencils behind her and the texture. The beauty on you inside and out is showing through; even though she’s thinking very deeply… happiness.

  2. What a great face, Corrine! One could say she is “two-faced,” but are we not all two-faced to some extent. We have one face for our public and another when we are alone and feeling vulnerable, feeling pain, feeling overwhelmed, or even feeling pride! I love her. No, she isn’t perfect or symmetrical or even beautiful, but what she is is reality–and I love her to pieces!

  3. I love the freedom I see in her. I can feel your creativity just flowing! Thank you so much for the shout out! You make me happy!

  4. Very nice, Corrine — and I agree — make yourself happy! I always think that one needs to appreciate the small things in life and that will help make you happy. XO

  5. Hi Corrine Great page and beautiful words to share here.
    Thank you for your postcard. I loved the layering and the stamping you’ve done on it. Hope we get to do such creative swaps again.

  6. That has a very interesting surface Corinne. LOve the whole thing.

  7. LOVE the colours Corinne!! I hope you draw more and more faces. I bet you are good at it. Free and easy and those colours! Oh my. *smiles* Norma, x

  8. She’s a winner! Lots of personality in that face – and I love her hair. Faces are still something I’m reluctant to try, but I enjoy seeing all the folks who are participating in 29 Faces for February….. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  9. Fun! It looks like she wants to come out and play 🙂

    Second blog I’ve seen in a week with a self portrait – I may give it a go myself

  10. Oh you be rockin’ the violet eye shadow!:-)

  11. She’s so fabulous! I really enjoy following your creative journey and the paths you wander.

  12. This is absolutely stunning. You may be new to drawing, but you are totally rocking it!

  13. I love her, Corrine!

  14. Oh so bright! Such style and flare Corrine!

  15. sun shine on a gloomy day, nice dropping by a cheerful post.

  16. lyle baxter says:

    she’s great! a smart-mouth I bet!

  17. lyle baxter says:

    PS looked again Picasso is lurking in that face!

  18. She looks great! I love the stenciled background and how they show through her face.

  19. I think she’s terrific Corrine! Very Picasso like – truly. I also love how the background comes through her face. Fabulous! Stay safe and warm through the storm coming. xxoo

  20. She’s beautiful…inside & out!

  21. I am shocked there is a mischievous part to you! Is there an emoticon for sarcasm? Love how she turned out!

  22. Love this chick, chick! The hair is awesome as are her eyes and I love those little stenciled arrows at the bottom.

  23. Maria McGuire says:

    I love her and think she is beautiful 🙂

  24. Love this quirky face you made…i see joy in it for sure!

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