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Put your thoughts to sleep

let them not cast a shadow

over the moon of your heart.

Drown them in a sea of love.


heart collage 2:5:13


  1. The texture and layering is just yummy!

  2. You’re tugging my heart with my favorite colors here. What fun!

  3. You had me hooked with the poetry, but then I fell in love…with your work…all over again! Just a lovely piece of art, Corrine!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Loving the textural treat here, Corrine! Not mention, Rumi is one of my faves!

  6. What’s not to love? Colors, yep! Motif, yep! Layers, yep! Very cool!

  7. Well said Rumi, and well illustrated Corrine! As always, both of you! 🙂

  8. I love Rumi!

  9. I ♥ this. The color, the texture, the words and the soul of it.

  10. I wish I could see this piece in real life. I’m sure the texture is fantastic. So many layers and such beautiful colors…you’ve done it again!

  11. Ohhh sooo beautiful.

  12. Corrine, this is a beautiful, colorful and moving piece of art, and combined with the poem it fills my heart!

  13. lyle baxter says:

    made me smile! love the quote!

  14. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Of course the heart is my favorite but it’s the way you expressed it with your art! I love this; so textural and the words, with it, just put my mind at peace! Thank you! xxoo

  15. Oh this is another gorgeous piece Corrine, I really love your fun colorful art, so much color and texture!

  16. If I were sending out a boat load of Valentine cards, I would ask if I could use your design here. Loverly!

  17. needed this today.
    thanks !
    Big Love !

  18. Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful – and the poem,too-
    HUGS, Dorthe

  19. This post sums up what I did last week! The color layers in your heart are scrumptious!

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