Friday Affirmations — Imagine Ideas Coming To Fruition

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Imagine ideas coming to fruition — A gelli printed scrap called out to me and this figure appeared in the layers.  I enjoyed making the art doll piece in this post here but wanted to do something similar in a more simplistic way.  So after finding the figure and the word imagine on a magazine scrap the rest of the affirmation came to be just like the page came to fruition by telling my story in my own way, with birght colored pencils and warm tones. A bit of fire in the eye.  I have been bubbling with ideas lately, wild dreams with scattered wings and imaginary animals, fantastical trees and huge boulders, realms undiscovered and perhaps undiscoverable.  Magical worlds full of new ideas, thoughts and explorations.  Perhaps this being is a manifestation of those dreams with her flowery eye.  What do you imagine coming to fruition, what dreams speak to you and show up in your journals?  Tell me do?





  1. I imagine lots of creativity sparkling and crackling with the wonderful community of arty friends I have made these past months — you being one of them of course! I love your fierce lady with her visionary eye! Beautiful fire colors warming me up on this chilly day. xoxo

  2. Aah Corinne what a warm and welcoming piece of art sweetie, such lovely tones and delicious layers. Lol I dream of finding the courage to try some of the creative ideas that are constantly floating through my head and of finding the ability to get them out in a way I am happy with. Tee hee (and this is not a complaint in any way at all :)) my crafty time is very limited with two young tiddlies to look after so most of it stays floating in my dreams at the moment.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  3. I just love the whole process of art — I try to do some work first thing every morning and see what happens — something always does!

  4. She is hot and sassy, just like you. My dreams come to me in that I want to have free time to just create without interruptions. To share my love of my art with everyone and only think of what my creative path is and to not get caught up in other’s styles. I think I have accomplished most of this, but working full-time is in my path’s way. Hot diggity dang.

  5. Corrine your art is just brimming with color and life , I’m loving all your pieces of bright creations, they have such a spontaneous and go with the flow feel. That’s what I’m enjoying lately, just listening to what is calling me. I’m painting less, feeling a little tired lately, so enjoying sketching loosely with pastels and writing. I will be going back to my paints…but for now I just go with what is calling me at the moment.

  6. I am totally diggin’ these colors and your lady with the eye in hand is just amazing. Corrine, I so appreciate the freedom and spontaneity you exhibit in your work. It is truly inspiring to me.

  7. Very cool. The pencil marks I thought were paint sticks or something. Seems like mostly nonsense in my journals lately.

  8. Oh how I love this piece …it is wild and fun and there is a lot of joy in it. She is holding that eye out…stretching it out far to try to gather all that there is to see…and then paint it!

    I wish I had dreams that produced such work…I don’t remember my dreams very well most of the time.

    Can wait to see your bubbles of ideas come out of you!!!

  9. lyle baxter says:

    Ah, the all seeing eye!that could go many miles with you! and your smarty looking lady is just right! let us see what that eye sees in the future!

  10. I have had a tough day and looking at your art here just makes me forget all about the drama. The bold colors bring up happy feelings in me! Thanks, I needed this today!

  11. Yes, I do love these colors! So warm and bright. lovely piece!

  12. Friday affirmation it certainly is, but it could just as easily be Friday Inspiration! Fab use of colors and the dramatic lady just shouts, “Go get busy in your art room.” Or at least that’s what I hear 🙂

  13. You are walking on the wild side here and it looks like you are having a great time! I hope you are having a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. I just love finding shapes in random bits of paints, much like we did as children looking at clouds in the sky! You have artistically given your found shape not only life, but character! And purpose! Creative use of that artistic “hand” to see/envision/imagine your work coming to fruition. My problem is knowing when I am done! 😉

  15. This piece is fantastic! So much story is right there on the page…and the colors are so bright and happy.

  16. Beautiful strong colours and lady. Like you my dreams are filled with improbable creatures and strange events.

  17. Love the vibrant colours and her expression!

  18. Maria McGuire says:

    I love her! Vibrant and powerful. I think alot of my dreams come out in my journal..especially my darker pages.

  19. Love those colours! Dreaming is my word for this year so I’m doing my best to stretch my imagination and believe that the impossible might just come to pass.

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