Random Squares are Anything but Random

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It’s time for another Stencil Test Drive with Jessica and some amazing artists.  I am so honored to be in such marvelous company.  This time it is Jessica’s Random Square’s stencil. I have used this stencil dozens of times with all kinds of media and have found it to be truly my absolute favorite for use with wood icing.  While it is a softer square with uneven edges, it hold the wood icing so beautifully and creates  a relieved image that is crisp and defined.  It lends itself to shading and grabbing paint and brings real depth to the mixed media work.  For this round of the Stencil Test drive I found myself wanting to paint and created two paintings using the stencil in wood icing paired with acrylic paint, ink, stamping and china black pencil.  I also experimented with the wood icing again and aging to make the look of crumbling stone walls as backgrounds for some other canvas work in progress.  Finally, I simply traced it with sharpie pen and sprayed through the stencil with ink spray as backgrounds for a future journal spread. Random square ARE anything but Random…please see the links to Jessica’s blog and all the artists participating here to see their work too.

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Random Squares


Please visit:

Jessica Sporn , Carolyn Dube, Diana Trout, Kristin Dudish and Seth Apter and see how they used this great stencil in their work.


  1. Well, I am not going to get a single responsible thing done today- too much inspiration here! I am going to stay in my studio and play! Incubating the X and Joining set off a firestorm of creative ideas – not a spark – it’s a 3 alarm blaze in my head! As cold as it is here I welcome the warmth too!

  2. What Carolyn said. These are just stunningly beautiful – they are surprising and wonder provoking. You used the stencil in ways I didn’t imagine. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Nice stencl–very Klimt–and your pieces, as always-very fun and inspiring!

  4. Wonderful use of color and texture! So inspiring, these are one of my favorite of Jessica’s stencils. They do remind me of Gustav Klimt.

  5. Ooooh – I love all of that wonderful texture… You’re right the random squares are the perfect stencil for wood icing! You have created such beautiful variety 🙂


  6. Gorgeous, I love the colors and designs!

  7. That is one cool stencil ! You made beautiful use of it ! Inspiring !

  8. You’ve convinced me! I have to have this stencil. You’ve done some beautiful work with it. I especially love Joining.

  9. Using stencils to make relief patterns is new to me….so I’m off to give it a go…thanks.

  10. what a wonderful combination of the wood icing with that stencil. I adore Incubating the X. Amazing depth and richness of colors.

  11. I am totally fascinated by your stencil expansion…the inspirations here can last a month or maybe even two. The textures revealed and the use of your colors is an incredible combination. Keep up the great work. Thank you for your loving support. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  12. Maria McGuire says:

    Just sitting and staring at your pieces. Amazing texture and amazing inspiration!

  13. I am honored to say that I’ve had the great experience of seeing everyone’s posts who have participated in the test drive. It is so inspiring to witness the different ways that artists can use stencils, and to such varying results! So amazing… wonderful job!

  14. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL! I love how you the stencil combined with color as a source of brilliant light!

  15. Very clever! I like the sharpie and ink idea!

  16. Looking at your work the painter Klimt came to mind, such rich colors! You really need to do an art show, people need to see your work.

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