Friday Affirmations — Do Small Things…

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Do small things with great love — I found this quote in a pack of stick on words by Heidi Swapp that I thought was just great.  Small things, tiny acts, miniscule bits, things that don’t require a big commitment but can be so powerful all the same, maybe even more so because they are subtle.  I used it to create my page for Lifebook 2013 from a Christy Tomlinson tutorial.  Thought you might all enjoy it as well.  What small thing did you do today that impacted someone’s life?  Maybe it was as simple as smiling, or saying hello.  I know that I feel differently when I am acknowledged, don’t you?  Do small things with great love…I need to keep that in mind every day…


Do small things with great love

Do small things with great love

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  1. Wonderful message, and what amazing pages! the paper flowers are really cool. I thought about doing lifebook-it looks so fun. Enjoy!!

  2. Wonderful! And back to those great colors! Good Morning!

  3. You pick the best quotes to qo with your art! I love how I just smile when I see this- a gentle and kind piece of art!

  4. Awe Corinne, what a stunning page, I love it. You have created a beautiful depth and texture in your glorious background and what a fab quote to finish it off with.
    Huge hugs x

  5. Love the quote and the pages to go with it!

  6. I love that quote too. Beatuful interpretation of Christy’s lesson. Loving all the splatters, and also the drawn leaves against the painterly-ness of the background and texture of the flowers. I’m off to do a small thing – make Freddie his coffee – with great love!

  7. What at great idea….small things add up quickly!

  8. Love this piece of work Corrine! The colors, texture, message….
    I think (and I could be wrong) that the quote is part of a longer quote from Mother Theresa….which of course escapes me now.
    I remember those words sticking with me because they are so relevant.


  9. Maria McGuire says:

    Your flowers turned out beautiful! Love the colors you picked! The quote and the words PERFECT! I haven’t tackled this one yet but maybe I will now 🙂

  10. Great quote, and one I live by these days. Lovely art, too!

  11. XOXOXO Love the quote – love the colors!

  12. Oh this is a yummy page. Love the quotes and doing small things.. they way it should be and we should all practice that. Thanks, Corrine!

  13. What a great quote! I try to do so every day; I’m not sure I always succeed though.

  14. Lovely, sparkly image…and the words are inspiring.

  15. I’m doing LifeBook too! I like your flower page and the quote is perfect.

  16. Corrine so very beautiful, I love what you’re doing lately. Your art is always such a pleasure to look at, these pieces are just bursting with life and soul! I also love your words on “small things,” thanks so much for sharing! xx

  17. lyle baxter says:

    I’m enjoying seeing where you are going! lovely!

  18. Thank you for that! I think I’ll go make pancakes for my family now 🙂

  19. this brought a smile to my face. Thanks, what a nice post to read, first thing in the morning.

  20. love the quotes but it’s the green background that is making my heart pretty!

  21. Beautiful art, perfect thought. A great reminder for us all.

  22. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I just love your art, here, in marriage with the message! Brilliant. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today! xxoo

  23. Lovely quote & a piece full of excitement! I also love your ‘break & enter’ line, I normally use a big brush worth of color wash but you think a little dot or a kiss (hehe) will do it? I’ll give it a go. 😉

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