Fall Fearless and Fly #8 — Break and Enter

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Break and Enter  — what do you do when you stare down that big white piece of paper, or your blank journal spread.  Well for me it’s as simple as making a mark, breaking that blank white space and entering the creativity zone.  Sounds simple I know, but it works for me because one little mark, an x, a dot, breaks that white space for good and gives me the door, the entrance to keep on going.  I discovered this little trick in my process painting facilitator training and it has worked for me ever since, no way is ever the wrong way, it is the way you are making now.  It doesn’t always result in perfect, heck, perfect is almost never on my list, but it always moves energy through the body and gives me a way forward…Break and Enter….and keep moving.


Fall Fearless and Fly #8 is up at the Artist in Blogland site.  Nathalie Kalbach is the guest artist (think Creative Jumpstart) and her uber online classes and here are the prompts.

Headline prompt:  Radical to Mundane and to Radical Again:  What once seemed new that now feels old and boring?  How can you see it as new again?  How do you “jump charge” creativity when you’re feeling stuck?
Color:  black & neons – bold contrasts
Quote:  Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.  Bill Moyers

I chose to go with the “How do you “jump charge” you creativity and the colors scheme.  Be sure to visit the site and link up your Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge.  Thanks to Marcia creator of Artist in Blogland , Jessica and Carolyn for hosting with inspiration for us all.





Find the door……be happy, fall fearless and fly!





  1. You, my friend, are an inspiration to me. This is just so cool. Colors I do not work with, but I must break my comfort zone. Is that a transfer? I love old buildings.

  2. Oo! Great texture…I want to run my fingers over it. Will you share how you made the transfer? Nice!

  3. I really like this piece – one of my goals this year is to find a way to integrate my photos into my mixed media stuff more and this is exactly what I have in mind. Once again you’re providing the impetus, the inspiration to get off my duff and try it!

  4. great post! I’m about to start a project thats been in my head for months ( art for my book).
    I finally have the space and the holidays are over….making my first mark!
    I bought a very ornate Victorian easel today, would go nicely in the building on your collage.
    The man who sold me the easel was sick..clorox wiping me, my car, debt card and easel…yuck!
    lifting my class of OJ, cheers to art!

  5. Very cool! I will check out that site. I only know you through blogs and writing, but I am guessing you have always been pretty fearless!

  6. Wonderful. Love the color and the photo — great architecture. Another reason I love this one — it is different from your BRIGHT works.

  7. Love the color, the texture, the photo of the old building, the scratches…just everything about it! Fantastic!

  8. This is lovely! Nice texture and I like the scratchiness.

  9. You are so right- that you make your door with just a mark! Love the way you have created such texture in your mark making- the scratches and peeks of paint work so well with your photo!

  10. You are one of those fearless people. I am too. Love the advice…and I follow it with every project!

  11. That first mark on a page sounds similar to making the first cut into a fabric. Sometimes it’s really hard, especially with working with treasured fabrics, but the next cuts are much easier.

  12. Break and enter…love that! Your piece for Fall Fearless and Fly is lovely…such wonderful texture.

  13. Maria McGuire says:

    Love the tip about the dot or x to mark your page. This piece has so much depth and texture not to mention a great color palate.

  14. well, this is just outstanding! I have always loved your attitude and approach., and the results are amzzing Corrine! You energize me!

  15. wonderful depth of colors and texture here !!! Thanks for sharing at FF & F!

  16. Corrine this piece has such spark!

  17. This is so cool! Dramatic, but familiar. I like the photo placement.

  18. this is AMAZING! I love all the texture ! fabulous!

    xxx Susi from ART-JOURNAL-JOURNEY

  19. awesomely cool…the layers and textures speak to me…and I love the inspiration that your words inply…JUST GO FOR IT!

    Have fun blog partying…hope you’ll pop in on me, too!


  20. awesomely cool…the layers and textures speak to me…and I love the inspiration that your words imply…JUST GO FOR IT!

    Have fun blog partying…hope you’ll pop in on me, too!


  21. Amazing page- I love the feel of it and the visual texture. gorgeous!

  22. WOW! How did I miss this. The texture is just amazing and I love how you embedded that photo. It’s been so great to have you participate in our challenges. Stay tuned because fun things are on the horizon at AIB!

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