What She Knows

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“what she knows”  —  listening and painting in the studio, expanding and trying something new.



  1. Nice, Corrine. I am definitely liking this purple stage you are in! Nice texture and I love how your paint seems to glow.
    audrey xo

  2. Maybe you put the purple in my head..ha! Love it though, the purple shades and the embossed texture, and that oh so wonderful face!

  3. lyle baxter says:

    yes, brave one! looks good! good job with the face! thats difficult.

  4. There is something fascinating about all the subtle hues of purple and the textures in the background contrasted with the pop of the face. Love the path you’re on. xo

  5. Corrine you are letting go and having lots of fun, such a great arty piece!

  6. I love the oranges just subtly below the pinks/whites! If I listen to her she is telling me to get into the studio and paint! Such freedom in this painting!

  7. Oh yes, oh yes.. loving that texture through the stencil. Orange and purple.. coming out nice. Weeeee!

  8. New is sweer. :0)

  9. oops…that should be sweet! ha!

  10. Love the background…the gorgeous colors and the texture.

  11. Love the texture/stencil … and purple … (god-daughter used to call it puble) …. wonderful!

  12. Love the texture and color and face my friend!! ok…love it all..heehee

  13. You are like an explorer venturing out on fantastic journeys with all the experimentation you do! As always – an inspiration to me 🙂

  14. I love that you’re always trying something new…and it’s always delightful!

  15. Maria McGuire says:

    Love the textures and colors and the feeling that she is looking out from behind.

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