Friday Affirmations — Pause

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Pause to listen

How often I find myself rushing around trying to complete several tasks at once and being a master of none of them.  Work, email, blogging, pups, cooking, cleaning, exercise,  art making – oh yeah – art making when there it time.  You too?  I bet, and how little feels soul satisfying because it’s done in a blur, done to get it done, because the sense of responsibility to get it done overrides common sense.  Sometimes I just stop and pause to listen.  What’s happening around me in the world that’s bigger than me, mindful, soulful, yearning.  Is it a chickadee at the bird feeder, the snoring of a contented beagle, the hum of the refrigerator, the sound of electricity in the air – can you hear it? The wind of an idea blowing through the trees. A crow sending a message from a tree top, the ice cracking in deep whale sounds on the pond where we live, coyotes echo locating each other. Nature as guide, when I pause to listen.

My heart said make collage this week, play with paper and listen to the slick slide of glue stick across the surface, the crunch of folding and tearing paper and yes, the sound of  a beagle snoring asleep at my feet…

Pause to listen…



  1. These are gorgeous. I looked at the first one and just got lost in the colors and texture. And then there was another, and another. I agree — pause and listen are two of the words I used for my intentions project in Lifebook. we forget. Thanks for reminding us!

  2. nice message and I like the use of the corrugated cardboard on the pages.

  3. I have never taken the time to listen to the sounds I make when arting. I need to do that! Love where your listening took you today-! My favorite is the 3rd one- love the colors and texture!

  4. I think we far too seldom listens and pause,-too much we HAVE to do, and too much we WANTS to do,
    all together not leaving time to listen!!!
    So well said Corrine, and your art made while listening, to your dear beagle snoring, is absolutely not asleep, but so filled with energy and life.

  5. I love your Friday musings – so thought provoking and quietly intuitive. This is a great reminder to pay attention to our surroundings. Apparently lots of people listen to music when they make art but I usually like it quiet so I can hear myself think….now I’ll listen even more deeply.

  6. what a sweet posting of beautiful thoughts and inspiration…i feel like i’ve had a lovely massage…ahhh. thanks, for that.

  7. Aaaahhh the purplish pink and lime green ‘speaks’ to me! Yum!
    Hugs! deb

  8. Recently I’ve heard several people express a desire to slow things down this year. I like the way you listened and did just that. Your collages are great. I like all the bright, happy colors.

  9. Thanks for the lovely reminder to “stop and smell the roses.”

  10. These are lovely. I especially like the third one down.

  11. lyle baxter says:

    love all the color and the corrugated! listening is a good exercise in patience! we all need to listen more often! yesterday I was lucky enough to hear the little birds give a blue jay what for! he ran off!

  12. It ‘s all in the process…..right you are…..xo

  13. These are so pretty Corrine. I’ve been trying to be quiet and listen more this week too. And one of my sounds… my basset / beagle mix snoring upstairs – it vibrates through the floor! Makes me so happy!

  14. I am pausing and listening to you and now looking at these beautiful collages. I love the colors and your composition. Loverly!

  15. I did a lot of oil painting in college, and I only used palate knives, and therefore it was all about the marks, the movement and the sound….so I know what you mean. Even in jewelry making, with metal, part of the process is the physical one for me. You have listened so magically this week….I love what you have heard! Amazing!

  16. Corinne, this post is wonderful, your collages so lovely and colorful, I love the blue wintery ones. Your words are just so good to read, I am feeling very quiet these days, enjoying silence, or a good piece of music but mostly peace and I love how you describe your collage experience, feeling the glue and listening to paper and its crunchy sounds, all so very mindful!

  17. Maria McGuire says:

    Beautiful textures! Oh….that is such great advice–pause to listen…..I need to remind myself of that more often!

  18. Very fun!

  19. I’m always listening, what you hear or don’t hear fills the soul. Difficult for us to work together as the DH needs the radio & I crave silence – we’ll work it out! x

  20. Corrine, they’re all so wonderful. I love the colours, texture, composition,,,I think you get it…I really love these!

  21. How right are you? I have caught myself in the position almost daily…sometimes we do need a reminder to pause.

  22. Oh, Corrine, these are just beautiful. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite. I just love, love, love all that texture and color! Thanks for the words about pausing and listening. It seems I need daily reminders to do these things.

  23. Beautiful work and what a great reminder to PAUSE!!!!

  24. Your colllages are so colourful and have great textures – i want to touch them. And as for slowing things down… i am desperately trying to do the same. It is good that you just sat down and made some art.

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