Believe I Love You

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We don’t say that to ourselves often enough, do we?  At least I don’t…

Journaling a page on intentions for today, believing I love me so I can send more love out to all of you who visit me, bring me deep joy in knowing that you share the same laughs, sorrows, anxieties, doubts, wonder, appetite for life, for creating, for bursting at the seams with a need to make NOW.  So for …Words, Faith, Today, Believe I Love You… that is enough.

Believe I Love You



  1. Inspirational – again. Lovely layers, thoughts and words – thanks for sharing your sparkle!

  2. The layering is great Corinne…your choice of pieces to add is very thoughtful.

  3. why do we always put ourselves at the bottom of the love ladder? silly humans. I love all the little bits that make up your woman.

  4. I believe I love your butterfly lady, in her gorgeous outfit, and wonderful background! dear lady!
    No, I don`t tell myself that I love me….at least very selden…. WE SHOULD ,THAT`S RIGHT!!!

  5. lyle baxter says:

    you made me smile! we love you too!

  6. I have a magnet on my frig — Have I told you today that I love you …. it’s been there for years and I smile everytime I open the frig door. Hugs—–

  7. I think many of use need to remember to love ourselves. Why is it so tough to say that some days? The hints of your layers support her beautifully- she is amazing and so are you!

  8. this is so beautiful – both your art and your post. Touches me very deeply.

  9. I’m guilty.. always at the bottom of my priority list. I’m getting better. Thanks for the love, my friend. I feel it. Thanks for making it “enough”. Now, on to the art.. love her… almost like a paper doll.

  10. Absolute sweet kindness…Happy New Year dear Corrine!

  11. xo

  12. Hello Corrine, this is a lovely piece full of soul, I love the warm pinky colors and light greens. Thanks for your kind words on my moon.

  13. That is some powerful journaling. :)Wonderful!

  14. Thank you for your glorious colorful words…they are firecrackers of inspirations……… bless me whenever I visit. Your journaling pages are powerful and very affirmative both when you write…and when I read! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  15. Corrine…I love you too. And your art.

  16. you are so right! xox

  17. This is a warm and welcoming message. I completely forget to tell myself that. Even if I don’t always feel it, it’s important to say. Thanks for the reminder. And I like your work, here.


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