Tell Your Story — Shifting My Palette

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I adore orange, I swoon for turquoise and yellow green makes me palpitate, but I have had a change of heart or shall I say a change of paints.  Brilliant Purple has come into my life.  One would think deep rich full purple, but no, it’s really a soft purple with an almost pink hue underneath.  Combined with Van Dyke brown and some of my other faves, a whole new palette emerged for me in this small series of 4×4 wood cradled panel pieces….six miniature abstract landscapes in all, loaded with textural wood icing and kraft, finger painted, hand painted collage papers added, sanded and distressed, and painted some more, otherworldly in Brilliant purple.

Abstract Landscape Series

Abstract Landscape Series

Abstract Landscape Series Edges

Abstract Landscape Series Edges


Abstract Landscape Series close up 1

Abstract Landscape Series close up 1

Abstract Landscape Series close up 2

Abstract Landscape Series close up 2

Abstract Landscape Series close-up 3

Abstract Landscape Series close-up 3

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the above, only $20 each for deep wood cradled panel ready to hang.






  1. Corrine these are just excellent! So bursting with creativity, I love your burst of joy with these!

  2. YES! YES! I want one!!! Any one of them, as I know they are all colorful and wonderful and painted with love and excitement. Your new love of purple has done you well, Corrine. How do I do this? Paypal? Please let me know Shipping?
    audrey xo

  3. Fabulous Corinne and I’m so glad you took the work all the way round the sides.

  4. These are just deliciously fabulous. And do I recognize a random squares stencil in there?? XOXO

  5. GORGEOUS!! We have enough heart and love for ALL those yummy colors-palpitations,, adorations and swooings!! Yum Yum!!

  6. Oh my, oh my… I want to jump in them. They are so bright, messy, textured and beautiful.

  7. Hello Purple! You’ve found a new friend! She’s such a soft one- and plays nicely with your other color friends!

  8. absolutely gorgeous.

  9. I love the new palette – purple with a splash of orange and green – just yummy. Who knew? Beautiful pieces!

  10. Yummo! Such luscious colours!

  11. Oh girl, you’re makin purple look gooood.

  12. they remind me of the desert at sunset, the mountains always have a deep purple and lavender color…

  13. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Luscious new palette! Love the texture. I just “pinned these” 🙂 xxoo

  14. Love the colors and textures…..

  15. These are so yummy! And cheerful. I love the greens and the purples.
    If I bring one more thing into the house right now I’m in big trouble. However… they are lovely. An arrangement of 5 or 7 would look great on a wall!

  16. Gorgeous!! I came over from your comment on Late bloomers and I’m so glad I did. I love these pieces and all the colors and textures…two of my favorite things.

  17. Beautiful! What did you use for your purple paint? It’s wonderful!

  18. Mmmm, loving the new colours! Isn’t it just wonderful to change up the colours a bit and see wherever it might lead!

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