Friday Affirmations — Tell

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Tell your story —



Since I started the Keeping it Simple projects the impetus for my creativity has become crystalized by these three simple, emphasis simple, words — tell your story — not big and bold shouting it out but following the meandering ideas that creep into your heart and mind at the edge of sleep just before you wake.  That surprise of, glimpse fleeting, winged moments that open as you rise.  The recognition of happiness that comes from creating with what’s at hand.  Nothing complicated, everything elemental. I have some cognitive grasp of where this might go, but mostly I am leaving it open for the universe to inform my heart and allow myself to be pulled wherever the journey might lead.  So as we celebrate the solstice today, shortest, darkest, deepest longing day of the year, I am crawling inside to listen to the voices of my higher self and will see you all in the New Year.  Blessings, joy and merriment until we greet with new eyes in 2013.



  1. I hope the universe guides you to where you want to be….
    The marks and texture on that piee are just amazing! Have a blessed holiday! Hugs!

  2. That’s a wonderful philosophy of creation and I especially like the way you articulated it. Happy holidays. 🙂

  3. See you in the new year! Happy Happy and a Merry Merry!

  4. Corrine.. another lovely piece of art by your hands. Have a wonderful holiday and a great new year. Warm and fuzzy in my studio sounds good to me today. My vacation from work starts today. Weeeeee!

  5. Happy holidays and enjoy your quest! See you next year!

  6. Have a peaceful and happy holiday season and I look forward to travelling with you in 2013. xx

  7. A river of vibrant green meandering! Your words are so true- and you have plenty of stories to tell- can’t wait to have another crazy dinner with you! Have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Beautiful picture and looking forward to more in the new year.

  9. I’m with you, girl, Happy Christmas!

  10. Very happy solstice to you, and a fabulous new year of good happenings!

  11. You are so right! A beautiful page ist this!
    Have a very merry christmas!



  12. Corrine this one is a real favorite, I love it! The Winter Solstice has such a depth to it, it’s such a special time of the year, so stay cosy and warm and much peace to you and yours! xx

  13. So beautifully stated, Corrine. Have a restful, beautiful celebration. Your painting is gorgeous, bu the way.

  14. Blessings, love, peace and enlightenment to you and yours…

  15. Yes, yes. I can’t wait to see where we end up and how we get there….or do we really ‘end’ up anywhere since it’s a constant journey…..I wish all the best for you in 2013.

  16. Loving the bright green and blooming of a flower to come out of the dark!

  17. very nice page! The theme is just true.. telling your story.. because that’s what will last. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  18. Love this page Corrine…it is always amazing how art often does tell our stories. Piece, by piece and stroke by stroke of the brush or pencil or…amazing.
    The pretty flower makes me long for Spring.

    Merry Christmas friend and a happy New Year! xoxo

  19. Count me late getting here. But I couldn’t let the joy of this holiday go without saying Merry Christmas. I hope it is filled with joy and happiness for you and your family.

  20. Dear Corrine
    That’s a wonderful message and the art is just superb! Love the bold strokes…
    Hope you had a merry Xmas…Wish you a happy New year too 🙂
    Sorry for dropping by late!

  21. Our stories, simple and true…the stuff of real living.
    Wishing you and your David the sweetest of New Year’s celebrations and a 2013 full of wonder and delight.
    Big Love !

  22. Beautiful piece – great advice for all of us creative types!

  23. Beautiful and soulful. I’d love to see where this takes you.

  24. Happy 2013! I have a very good feeling about this upcoming year!
    Love and much happiness to you and yours.

  25. so many stories to tell, love the vibrant colors, happy new year.

  26. Your page is so vibrant and happy…a wonderful start for the new year! All the best wishces from Conny

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