Re-Affirming My Faith in the Power of the Human Spirit

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A video and an inspiration deck….I watched a video about this orchestra on facebook shared by my mentor Chris Zydel and went to search further.  These children brought tears to my eyes at the power of transformation some recycled materials could bring to their lives.  In this time of sadness for the children of Connecticut and for the joy of the Christmas season and because we need to feel uplifted, as least I do, in the power of the human spirit and it’s ability to thrive no matter what, I want to share this with you too…if you can’t see the video just click on the link and it will take you there.

Landfill Harmonic | Juliana Penaranda-Loftus & Alejandra Nash from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

I also wanted to share the 2012 Inspiration Card Deck Swap deck I received this week from Jess Brogan, she mailed out boatloads and I want to thank each artist for their beautiful and heartfelt cards, especially those who left no contact information and I could not reach out to.  They will keep my moving forward every day…..

The whole beautiful Inspiration Deck

The whole beautiful Inspiration Deck





















  1. I’ve seen that video from a friend’s FB page and also felt surprised and amazed at what we can create from trash – where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Absolutely amazing inspiration deck! I loved this swap and can’t wait for the next one……

  2. I am speechless … That video as amazing … Thank you so much for sharing that!

  3. I too saw this video, but so glad you shared it! have a beautiful holiday, my friend! xx

  4. I had never seen that video and am completely overcome right now. How beautiful. I will definitely re-post that. Your inspiration deck is gorgeous! Did I thank you for the beautiful journal you sent to me? I’m not sure if I did — but I love it. xo

  5. I have always known trash could be made beautiful and it has been from seeing this video. Wonderful.

    And your cards are great, too. What a fabulous trade.

  6. Amazing video.. Never knew anything like that even existed. Incredible. Now, that deck of yours is amazing in itself. What wonderful art.. all in one place like that. Great pictures.

  7. Dear Corrine, thankyou for the link, to those fantastic people, searching and building, learning , and doing …all from scratch- how amazing. We can all learn from that!!!
    Your recieved many many tags, are wonderful, and with so many beautiful qoutes, and wisches- what a fantastic year it have been for you, creating and recieving such beauty.
    If we do not speak more this week, Corrine, I wish you and your family, the most happy christmas, and all the best for a new year …:” lets hope it`s a good one,-without any tears” ( John Lennon)

  8. Wonderful video! Your inspiration deck looks marvelous. What a great swap!

  9. lyle baxter says:

    your cards look great! the video is grand and the group will be playing in Ariz. next summer. info can be found on the web. better days will come!

  10. Absolutely inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Awesome and ever so uplifting!
    That is one fabulous deck of card to keep you inspired!

  12. I’ll go see if I can watch the video. Safari and videos don’t seem to mix well on my laptop. Love all the cards…and I’m going to find out more about that for sure.

  13. I love all the pics of the inspiration cards! I will have to post mine too! I love them so much I keep looking at them and discovering new ones even though I think I looked at them all. They are beautiful and inspiring.

  14. Wow, what a gift. These are amazing and such a treasure.

  15. That was a wonderful & heartwarming film, saw it on fb – as you say reaffirms faith. Wonderful cards, I might collect a few phrases myself. Have a happy Christmas – we owe it to all those people who make supreme efforts & a wonderfully creative new year x

  16. Oh wow…that’s a lot of cards!!!! Wonderful.

  17. What a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing. Love your deck of inspiration cards too! ♥

  18. Hi

    This was such a great swap to take part in!

    I love the card you made … I am so happy with my deck 🙂

    The children and their instruments were amazing…. I loved the video



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