Friday Affirmations — Don’t

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Don’t put off today…..

I have been working at being creative every day since the 40 Day Creativity Experiment started.  Some days I have worked on my spiral book, other days I have been doing stitched projects and holiday making.  I am trying to make creativity part of my muscle memory(including my brain muscle- is there such a thing?) but mostly enveloping my HEART muscle.  To that end I have been successful.  Don’t put off today is my affirmation for this week.  For me it’s about living life and not waiting for it to happen.  I have such a deep joy in creating that overflows into how I move through the world and I know that when I don’t spend some time in every day creating, dark clouds form over my head and I get a case of the crankies.  So, I am going to continue to make creating a habit each and every day, how about you, what don’t you want to put off?

Stitching up those strips


  1. I love all the colours and textures you have used in this roll. Totally agree with the need to create daily. Happy Friday,

  2. The spiral is progressing very nicely. I love that you add fabric and stitching to your work, it makes my inner fabric hoarding artist sing:)
    Today I will not put off being happy.

  3. Your work is so beautiful and cheerful, Corrine. I completely identify with the need to create every day. Lately I’ve had to do a bit of travelling and the time away from my studio messes with my rhythm. Hopefully today I can just get lost in my little creative corner and find a little peace!

  4. lyle baxter says:

    good cloudy morning! tis a good day to hide inside and create! have fun.

  5. This is so pretty! Tell me more about those strips — I want to know! Are they all fabric — looks like some book paper in there. What will you use this for? My “don’t put off” is accepting myself fully as I am in this moment. Not to ignore what I long to be, but instead of beating myself up for not being there yet, honoring who I am and where I am at this moment. xo

  6. I don’t want to put off play! I have been a groun up too long and let play be the last thing I got to- now it is the first thing! Your spiral book is happiness- I say that a lot here- the happiness in your art just radiates!

  7. What a post for me today. The thing I am avoiding… writing a mission statement. I am moving like molasses toward developing a business plan. My inner negative Nelly is meeting me at every corner, telling me all the reasons why I should not be moving in the direction of my dreams. But today is the day to hunker down, read about writing mission statements, and put the pen to paper.
    Your deep joy in creating is so evident. You and your blog really exude joy and I enjoy it and appreciate it greatly. Keep doing what you are doing. It matters!

  8. I know that cro to live by!anky feeling when I don’t get a chance to do art–great mott

  9. I totally agree with your philosophy regarding making art every day. I made an agreement several years ago to go into my playroom daily and spend 5 minutes working on a project. Sometimes it’s just sorting beads or buttons…sometimes cleaning up from the last session, often choosing materials for the next…but those 5 minutes almost always turn into hours of bliss. I’ve relaxed my habit slightly and there are days when I don’t do this…but I sure can feel the difference in my heart, mind and body. Oh- and my soul.

  10. Oh Corrine.. I am loving the spiral book. I see you added fabric… oh my.. so much love there now. I put off many things.. working out, cleaning the house, you know boring things like that… but I love doing my art and if I didn’t have a full-time job, I would be an art queen all day… and when I finally do my art a little everyday, I become best friends with my studio again. Love that.

  11. Love this spiral. don’t put off!!! 😀 😀

  12. Heee! I put off housework to start playing with free motion quilting again! And, now I’m gonna make choc chip cookies!
    Love your art and attitude! Always!

  13. With a full time day job it is hard , but I think I do a pretty good job at being creative….I try! Your photo here of the spiral with all it’s color . texture, layers, and fibers is just delicious! I love what you do, and your daily philosophy is infectious!

  14. What awesome color you have created with paint, fabric, and stitch.

  15. Corrine you are such a creative soul! You get pleasure from making and painting or whatever other creation and that’s wonderful, just acknowledging the importance of doing what you love best and making it a part of your life is great, so all the best to you and enjoy!

  16. This is totally yummy! Love the colors and patterns in your art always. xxoo

  17. Amen. As always, thank you for your comments on my blog. My 40 day-ish experiment made me think about my attitude to daily creating yet again.

  18. Totally agree with you Corrine,
    I get cranky without artistic expression of some kind. I think because it is “me” time. It sounds so selfish but so what?! I’ve lived too long doing everything for everyone else. Now, unless I get some time to myself for creating there ain’t nobody happy in this house! Hee hee!

  19. I totally love the addition of fabric to your spiral book – I still want to try making something like that. While I struggled this year with creative every day, I’m intending to make it more of a priority for next year. I love Annie’s reminder of starting with only 5 minutes each day – really, once I walk in the door and start moving things around I’m drawn in…..I just need to give myself permission to walk in. Thanks for your on-going inspiration.

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