Friday Affirmation — Sometimes

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Sometimes inspiration is close at hand, all you have to do is reach.


And the winner of my duct tape journal is Jessica Sporn. Congratulations to Jessica and be sure to visit her blog for inspiration which I get from her every day…


  1. Thanks for this reminder – we often go off in search of Inspiration when it is just waiting in the wings.

  2. lyle baxter says:

    got to hand it to you! And you didnt need anyone to lend a hand either! have fun

  3. Love this! The colors are just fabulous and I am gaga for anything with stars. I love your energy and endless creativity, Corrine.

  4. This is so beautiful. I am so excited to win your journal!!! Yipee! You inspire me so much too. xo

  5. Love this and love the quote!!

  6. A beautiful work of art with a positive message. Love it!
    Congratulations, Jessica!!!!
    audrey xo

  7. Hot Diggity Dang… Yay for Jessica! Lucky.

  8. I have to say I have a strong fondness of your Friday affirmations. They are so true and so beautifully done. When feeling uninspired, sometimes even looking for it seems impossible. But, like you say, one just have to reach for it.
    Have a wonderful weekend full of inspiration!

  9. Congrats to your winner.

    That affirmation is awesome. I say that because I created a “Hands” altered book. So hands always interest me. Of course, the affirmation makes it even more interesting.

  10. Oh Darn. I mean, congratulations Jessica!!!

    Love your painting! 🙂

  11. Congratulæations to the lucky winner,-
    and Corrine, you are right, we sometimes need just to reach out!
    Happy weekend dear friend.

  12. I love your page and how you stamped the words!

  13. LOVE the quote!!!

    Congrats to the lucky winner.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Uplifted. That is the word that describes how I felt the second I saw this post! The colors, the starburst, the streaks of color all topped off with a powerful quote!

  15. A beautiful reminder Corrine! Love your art! Also wanted to say that I adore your sweet wreath, you must have patience of a saint!

  16. I’m reaching, I’m reaching! Love that beautiful wreath below, delicious;)

  17. So alive and expressive Corrine. I, too, love stars. xxoo

  18. What a wonderful collage dear Corrine, Love the quote and it is so true.

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