Keeping it Simple — Project #2

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In the holiday spirit, keeping it simple project #2 using the same leftovers from the Pinkpaislee paper pack City Sidewalks I made a new garland for the living room window.  It looked quite pretty draped around the shoulders of my Santos doll, prompting me to think of project #3 soon to be in the works.  I have decided to do a limited number of humble projects  between now and Christmas.  Hope you enjoy…Don’t forget to comment on my last post if you want a chance to receive the journal.



  1. Very festive and pretty!

  2. That looks so wonderful and puts me right in the spirit of the holidays. Looks great against the window.
    Keep those ideas coming!

  3. FUN FUN FUN!!! Love the spirit!

  4. nice–and I love the Santos doll!

  5. Oooh I love it dear friend!! It’s simple and pretty!!It’s helping me to get motivated,to get going on the Christmas bins I have staring at me this very minute..unpack me ..unpack me…

  6. That’s a pretty garland Corinne. x

  7. That is soooooooo creative. Looks gorgeous.

  8. I love your garland… I LOVE your window… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Santos doll. I have a Santos angel and a Santos bust… would love to have more one day. You are such an inspiratioon. Since I have no time to create these days, I SO enjoy seeing what you create.
    Enjoy these pre-Christmas days, Corrine.
    audrey xo

  9. I love paper garlands. Remember making paper chains as a kid?!! Who am I kidding … I am a kid … an old one, but still kidding around!

  10. Wonderful garland! So creative, so much character.

  11. Oh my. I love this! The garland, the doll, and the gorgeous window! Your work??

  12. that’s a lovely little garland. I made a paper garland for a swap over a year ago and liked it so much I vowed to make one for myself. have I? no. perhaps yours will set me in motion!

  13. garlands are so fun …. you santos is really cool … he looks very festival-ish

  14. Love to see your creations Corrine, missing you and your layers

  15. Love the garland — and I agree totally — keep it simple!

  16. I love this garland. I am really into garlands lately and like the way this one kind of jumbles together. Really nice!

  17. Beautiful and festive garland Corrine! xxoo

  18. What a lovely garland & oh, that window!

  19. Thats a great photo at the top…everything works well together – and what a fabulous window!
    You always have such fun 🙂

  20. oh my she is WONDERFUL! and I love her garland…

  21. So fun and creative! The garland is just the perfect accessory for her. Happy holidays are on the way to your house for sure!

  22. You say humble…I say fabulous. The pictures are perfectly wonderful.

  23. So delicate and lovely. You are so creative! I think your Santos doll was just pining for a garland like this, and you made her very happy.

  24. I adore your doll AND your garland. So nice to use all those leftovers. What a way to do it, too!

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