Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge #4

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The Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge #4 over at Artists in Blogland has so many great entries in the links that made me really think about what is my security.  First and foremost for me has always been a connection to the natural world and to trees.  We have a gorgeous big grandmother oak tree that stands tall and strong as you enter our property she is the first thing you really see.  Whenever I feel out of sorts or just need a good grounding, I go right over to her and give her a big hug. (Treehugger alert, yes and I love granola and trail mix too!), but seriously she grounds me and I always feel secure after I have given her a hug.  What better way to illustrate that feeling than to draw my simple rendition of this mighty tree.  Purple, blue and green it be. Thanks to Marcia Beckett, Jessica Sporn, Carolyn Dube and Maria McGuire for her beautiful illustration of this challenge’s theme.


  1. I want to hug that tree! Those stars capture the magic of your oak tree! So glad you are a part of Fall Fearless and Fly!

  2. Loving that the green make it look like leaves.

  3. This is so beautiful. I have a big oak tree in my backyard too. Gonna go give it a hug, and then have some hot cocoa and a bowl of granola! xo

  4. Another tree hugger! So nice to not be alone!Hugs! deb

  5. I am a tree hugger from way back too. So good for the Soul – tree and human !
    Beautiful celebration of that !

  6. Yes, isen`t it magical that we can feel the calmness in “the arms” of a piece of nature, feeling the almost eternity, when embrasing such a fantastic old tree.
    Isen`t there a poem or saying, :when I get old I want to wear a lillac hat!! Your tree, did just that!

  7. Nothing better than nature , and I love your version!

  8. You and I have been on to our trees of late, I so agree they have such souls and just gazing at them can relax and give a peace of mind, I love your rendering of this mighty tree, with your blue, purple and green color scheme, beautiful!

  9. I love a good tree hug(ger) – there’s nothing like just being in my garden, but I also love the sweet or woodland smells & listening to the wind in the trees – I’m always trying to bring my garden into my work, that justifies it! I make my own muesli, too…..;)

  10. i am a bonafide tree huger too… so i completely understand… have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. LOVE that tree. Awesome.

  12. The mighty, mighty oak! It is gorgeous and I would be hugging it every day! A very healthy, happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to you and your Corrine! xxoo

  13. I just love tree huggers! Your painting is full of joy!

  14. I can feel my feet gripping the ground and finding security in the earth. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Gorgeous colors and a message I can definitely connect to. I cried once when trees were removed without my knowledge! Hurrah for tree huggers.

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