A Five Legged Cat? Joy in a New Toy

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Santa snuck in early to my house this week and gave me a special early Christmas present…one which required me to use this…

And with the help of some scraps of batiks, make this….


A five legged cat, don’t you agree! The embellisher is so grand and this is just the beginning of my exploration but somehow I could see this five legged cat and rather liked him.  His name is Rufus by the way, he told me so.  Maybe he won’t stay this way, but I certainly enjoyed playing with my new toy and him.  Catnip anyone?


  1. Rufus is cool and so are you for finding him! Enjoy the day……..*s*

  2. Oh; how cool is Rufus! I love this! The fabrics are amazing with their colors and patterns. I’m glad you “found” Rufus in your vision.

    I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving – may it be filled with love, peace, and joy. I’ll be thinking of you! xxoo Marilyn

  3. lyle baxter says:

    wish I had a cat in Rufus’ color scheme! mine are just the usual tabby and tuxedo!

  4. I love those blues against the ochre. Just gorgeous. Welcome to the world Rufus! You couldn’t have found a nicer mamma! xo

  5. HA! So fanciful.
    Santa is good to you.

  6. three (five??) cheers for rufus!!! Welcome!

  7. Makes me think of a cartoon I just saw in the New Yorker — a woman is looking at a three-legged dog and thinking “Poor thing only has three legs”, while the dog is looking at her thinking “Poor thing only has two legs”. Everything is relative. Happy Sunday!

  8. Hmmmmmm…you have a wonderful imagination. Well done.

  9. Aaaadorable!!

  10. hello Rufus! Glad you were able to get time to play and create! Perhaps Rufus needs a playmate-you’ll have to get back to that embellisher just so he doesn’t get lonely!

  11. Rufus rocks! I love how you can take anything and translate it into “something” wonderful! Your art is brilliant Corrine!

  12. Rufus!!! Lover him. He’s the cat’s to my meow. Is that the right saying? I tried.

  13. There’s some serious stitching holding Rufus together – what a lucky gal you are – a new toy AND a cute critter….

  14. Love that Rufus! I’ve been thinking about an embellisher for years and think next trip to the States…I’m gonna bag one!

  15. Looks like you’re having fun with that embellisher…..great result! Love the colours too…..

  16. OK…this just rocks. And I MEAN ROCKS. Period. Will you be framing this lovely and fun thing?

  17. New toys are always fun! How fun that Santa arrived early – more time to play!

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