Friday Affirmations

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Let the spirit of the painting move through you……I started this painting as a journal page about something entirely different and found myself getting agitated and frustrated that the piece was not turning out how I expected.  I allowed myself to get rid of the frustration by scribbling all over the page with oil pastels. I turned the paper upside down and I took a roller brush and began rolling paint all over that, zapping it with the heat gun in between to pull the pastel up through the tempura paint and then blotted with another sheet of paper several times pulling paint away.  More paint, 5 layers altogether and what you see is what was left which really spoke to me  as a story about the spirit of the piece itself informing me of the process. If feels like effervescence  to me.  When I finished the painting I felt an exuberance but also an immense sense of calming of the spirit.  How do you feel when you paint, when you encounter frustration, what do you do to relieve the pressure?  Tell me do?



  1. Ah…I am very well acquainted with this scenario! The frustration, the decisions to keep going, try a new approach, trust the process…all a part of it! Sometimes part of my process is also to take a break or take a nap! Love your finished piece! Yes, definitely effervescenct.

  2. I love the description of your process. Having a billion projects going on at once keeps me from hitting that point of frustration with any one piece. If I don’t like where it’s going or hit a dead end, I walk away and pick up something else. In some ways it’s a good thing – I keep the creative mojo going, I can gain the perspective of time on the piece that was troubling me. On the other hand, I rarely force myself to push through those moments, and that may be where the real magic ends up happening. You’ve given me something good to ponder!

  3. lyle baxter says:

    holy cow, that says something about you! persistence?

  4. I can so relate to this. I do love your result with this; it’s alive with color and your emotions. I normally have to walk away, for a bit, from a piece I’m working on that’s not going well. I find if I keep, at it, one change leads to another that just gets me more frustrated.

    I’ll turn to reading, or take a walk, sometimes even an art magazine can inspire me with colors and patterns.

    Great post and thanks so much for sharing this.

    Love ya – Marilyn

  5. Total pressure release when I paint. It is a way for me to fly- to be free- and to balance myself back to who I really am (and not the stress monster that seems to be nipping at my heals). I love love love all your layers of colors!!!

  6. Hello Corrine, you’ve had quite an adventure with this one, yet it’s such a great piece, bright and so alive. I find that painting does help to go into a quiet place, and if a piece turns out not as expected well it can be frustrating but then you’ve just got to say to yourself that some pieces have a life force of their own and they each teach us and bring us something different in the process!

  7. I love this–there is so much freedom in it–reminds me of a little child’s painting–just totally creative and free-breaking all the rules

  8. i miss painting, and def need to get back to it… but taking a slow boat.. it always feels empowering to me, thanks for explaining your process … i love the freedom that your art expresses… xo

  9. Full of child-like abandon and yet so full of depth of color and texture. When I hit the wall of frustration or indecision, I usually walk away and give myself time. Sometimes the time is hours, sometimes weeks. Like Karen, I need to work on pushing through and see what happens in the moment. Thanks for sharing once again – just love your style lady!

  10. When I’m frustrated about something I’m doing, I’m storing it in a box, forget about it and weeks later when I find it again, I either throw it out, or continue working on it, your painting look fantatic Corrinne.

  11. Sometimes…a piece just NEEDS to be scribbled on and heated and pushed to it’s limits before it can be called done. As always though, I’d say you were following your muse.

  12. Happy Friday, Corrine. I have been there.. sitting in front of a frustrating piece. I just keep on pushing through it and keep adding layers. I figure what is the worst that can happen? Throw it away? BUT.. with that said, my friend, this is so cool looking. Lots of things going on.

  13. “Just keep going” is my motto too. The more layers, the better surface you get…and this proves it.

  14. When I hit that stage, I will let it dry and add another layer and another until it’s done. Sometimes the paper will almost dissolve from all the moisture. Some days all I touch turn into mud, other days are bright and vibrant enough to get my brain buzzing with creative energy.
    Your frustration turned out very bright and happy in the end.

  15. You are an inspiration to me …. I need to get my hands dirty with paint …. my heart clean with expressing

  16. mary helen fernandez stewart says:

    I feel like you are channeling Basquiat….the layers were necessary to reveal the layer of energy you were failing to contain…. I love this process …even though the layers on layers sometimes becomes frustrating… but in the finality of the process you have discovered your inner calm. Have a great weekend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  17. When I saw that piece, before I read a word, I thought it looked like an abstract vase of flowers sitting in a pebble base. Talk about imagination.

    When I get frustrated, I leave the piece alone, or take a photo of it and ask my fellow bloggers what THEY think. I usually get enough comments to either continue in the same vein, or scrap the project. Good that you worked through your problem.

  18. Well Corrine I admire your persistence to the very end in recreating your artwork.
    If only it was that easy with working with fabrics. I tend to walk away and leave it and usually when I return I remove pieces, add more, and carry on.
    I very very rarely discard it totally.
    Have a great Sunday,
    P.S. You might want to be in my new Giveaway???

  19. I like the spontaneity of these works…and the gorgeous happy colour.

  20. I have to admit that when a project doesn’t go the way I expected or like, I tend to move it aside and do something else and often just continue to be irritated as hell about it. Sometimes I cover it over immediately in white paint or gesso. I love this idea of working out my frustration on it, knowing that I can keep ruining it if I want to, and finally making it a whole new project. It’s also a good ‘evidence’ to keep for the art journal.

  21. Hi Corinne – sorry to be so late to comment. I saw this on Friday and just loved it. Sometimes I feel constrained and tense when it’s not going the way I see it in my mind. But if I push through, I get into a zone where I’m not even conscious of a thought process, and the piece just “appears.” The work I like least at the outset is often the work I like most when it’s done. Trying to relax more, no matter what! I love this — it is bubbly and free. xo

  22. Well I sure as heck don’t make it look as fun as yours. This is happy. 🙂

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