I’m a Creative Late Bloomer – Really Me? Yup and YOU TOO!

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Several weeks ago this lovely lady, Teresa Cash-Czech asked to interview me for her blog that celebrates the creative in all of us, but particularly in women who have  the courage to step into their dreams later in life.  I was honored to be asked and the interview is posted on her blog today.  You can read it here.  There are many stories of women who have overcome GREAT obstacles to follow their path and live their lives to the fullest.  I am humbled to be in their company.  Please scroll through and read some, I believe you will find them most inspiring and courage producing.  I found this blog because my virtual friend Denni was interviewed, she is another brave woman who creates what she wants because it’s part of her fiber and being.  Like almost everyone I know in this blog world, like all of YOU.  And it would be so unusual for me to have NO PHOTOS, so I will include a little something from yesterday on the 8 foot long snake like scroll book for the 40 Day Creativity Experiement.


  1. lyle baxter says:

    certainly will read as I am one of youall too!

  2. You are “sparkly” for sure, Corrine. I read the interview and you really resonated with me. I feel the same way. Now in my early 50’s and still working full-time, I struggle with my balance of life & work. Sometimes, I wish I started my mixed media life many years ago, but we can’t look back now. See you soon. JS

    • Hi Judy-
      I’d love to share your story of being a creative Late bloomer! If Corrine’s story resonated with you must imagine how many lives you may touch with your story. Please let me know if you’d like more details.

      Keep Blooming!

  3. great interview – thank you for sharing your sparkle with me (and the rest of the world)

  4. Me too – late bloomer I mean. I’ve been creative my whole life but only in the last couple of years have I felt like I moved beyond crafting to arting. People like you give me the encouragement and inspiration to keep at it….. I’m off to read the interviews – thanks!

  5. Really good Corrine!!

  6. Wonderful interview – shine on Miss Sparkly!!!

  7. Great interview. What a sweet blog you have here.

  8. Thank You, Corrine for your great comments about the creative Late bloomer blog. You have truly described the meaning behind the blog. It was an honor to share your story.! I am always looking for ways to encourage the late bloomers to keep blooming AND to inspire anyone sitting on the sidelines to get into the game and let their creative spirit out to play. I’m certain thru Sparkly Day Studios you’ve seen many transformations!
    Keep Blooming!

  9. can’t wait to read your interview!!!!

  10. Hey Corrine,
    What a wonderful surprise to come here today and find my name in your post. Thanks for that. I’m excited that you were featured on Teresa’s blog.

    I love your courage. You felt a need to do something different and went boldly down a new path. You followed your bliss and it is so inspiring. I’m glad that you entered the world of art and that it has lead you to a fulfilling ‘dream’ job. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us.

  11. Hello, my dear sparkly friend. What a great interview. You ARE a creativity cheerleader! rock on, Corrine!

  12. Hey sparkles! Great interview, lots of interesting people & wonderful that we all encourage each other. Love the late bloomers blog quote ‘bloom where you’re planted’ wonderful!

    I want something 8 feet long that i can dip into!I’d better read about this 40 day thang!

  13. What a cool website!

  14. Teresa’s blog rocks and so do YOU Corrine!! Loved this interview! xoxo

  15. i love your website – and whata wonderful idea for us late blooming hot-house weeds – or hot house roses.
    I love and laugh and am light

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