Cereal Box Collage

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Been playing about with some different colors, darker, more vintage in response to Mary Beth Shaw’s Tic Tac Texture class I took at Art-Is-You.  All that ultramarine blue, teal(my fave),light violet(another different color), yellow oxide, burnt sienna and white.  Using cereal boxes as a substrate (5×7 pieces thereabouts) I experimented with various color combinations and textures using corrugated, magazine collage, some wash tape, a few pieces of gelli printed fabric and painting with my fingers. I enjoyed the results and am looking forward to using other colorways and some stencils and wood icing and continuing the experiment.  In the meantime, these just might have to become oversize post cards with some other images added, or perhaps some mini journal covers, will have to see where to muse takes me during the upcoming storm.  Please do all take care who are in it’s path, I will be keeping you all in my thoughts as we await what will be.




  1. These are all wonderful. Please take care.

  2. oh my, those are lovely! This class has clearly pushed you in some new directions, and yet your work is so distinctly your own. I really love the browns/blues.

  3. Beautiful colors an textures. I love the corrugated in there. I’m trying to get brave enough to use that. Today we stocked up on food, candles and batteries. Lets all hope it’s less than what’s predicted. Xo

  4. Oh, now we are talking my kind of favorite colors! EEEEE!!! Love those dark hues, rustic and rusty and oh so wonderful!

  5. Really cool experiments. Love the textures! (I’m bracing for the storm too. Got my candles and peanut butter at the ready. I actually hope the power goes out. It’s a great excuse to not do anything but collage from dawn to dusk!)

  6. Oh, yeah. Great mail art or journal covers. Be Safe!

  7. Corrine, I love the vintage colours and all that texture. So much fun.

    Do keep safe during the storm. xx

  8. lyle baxter says:

    those sure are Mary Beth colors and they do look nice. love the corrugated included! what great book covers those pages would make! good luck with the weather! are you liable to get flooded with the pond so close? will be thinking of you!

  9. Chunky textures and layered paint, all things I love. You did a great job on these. Even though some of the colors are more subdued I see your brights peeking through in a wonderful way.
    Be safe, I’ll be thinking of you while we’re in the storm. Hope it doesn’t make it up to you.

  10. These are quite wonderful, I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Please do check in soon as you can, let us know you are okay after Sandy moves through.
    The name Sandy sounds so benign, it can’t be the Frankenstorm can it? Let us hope not.

  11. Fabulous mixtures of texture & color, mmm.

    Batten down those hatches, now!

  12. love them all! so rich in color and such depth with texture. I want to collage now, thanks for the inspiration! I hope this storm turns into a dud. be safe.

  13. What texture- what colors! I love these! Can’t wait to see what you do with the wood icing and stencils! Hope the storm passes by quickly!

  14. These are even cooler when you see them live. Love the collages, Corrine. Thanks for a fun day in sparkly land.

  15. You mix the colors of water and earth so beautifully.
    I think I need a lesson in texture from you. Awesomeness!

  16. I love these colors and textures Corrine, delightful pieces, hope you are all keeping safe throughout those terrible storms, thinking of you! xx

  17. Wow, such beautiful colour and texture, very autumnal! if a word. 🙂

  18. I was very worried about you this morning. I was afraid you might be in the path of the storm. I love your colors and all that texture you get when you play. It’s addictive and I want to join you!!

  19. your collages are gorgeous and just show that humble materials can create beautiful art! wonderful color and texture…

  20. OMG – these are great! This experimenting is certainly a fun path and I’m loving what you’re coming up with. I’ve been thinking about all my east coast buddies and certainly hope you all ride out the storm with minimal problems. If you lose power, what will your art look like created by candle light? 🙂

    I’ve tried having exposed corrugated show in my work before but have trouble getting it exposed. Do you have a trick to getting off that top layer of paper?

  21. oh my—these are so fab! And, wow, it HAS been a while since I visited…the new website looks amazing. You have been a busy girl!

  22. Yippeee! Makes me happy to see them…and want to get out my scrap cardboard!

  23. The colors and everything you have added looks so fantastic on your cereal box collages Corinne, love the texture you have made with different material , glad to hear that you are doing well.
    Hugs Anni

  24. Corinne these are so stunning. Holy moly. I am SO glad I eat so much cereal!

  25. Wow! I love these! The colors are great and I love all the texture. Still gonna have to try this…you inspire me!

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