How to Make a Duct Tape Journal when you can’t find the Duct Tape and then you do…

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I gathered all the materials to make my Duct Tape Journal for the swap at Mail Me Some Art and then I couldn’t find the duct tape.  No surprise with the chaos that my studio is after coming back from Art Is You and being sick for a week, I am lucky if I can find the studio at all…So, I decided to come up with a method to do it anyway and here is what I did. When I was just about done, I found the duct tape and well, you’ll get the idea…( just click on the photos to make them larger)






































































































  1. That could have been me Corrine- my studio looks awful-ALWAYES filled with lots of stuff all over-which means taht sometimes things dissapear….
    Your journal loooks wonderful happy.

  2. It definitely looks a fun journal. Someone should be delighted to receive it! Hoe you’re feeling much better. x

  3. I love your packing tape/washi solution. The whole book looks wonderful.

  4. lyle baxter says:

    you are the queen of tape! my dad used to ask my mother if she had stock in Scott Paper Co. as she always had a large stock on hand! and the sticky tape people came in second! hope you are recovered and that the hurricane doesnt get you or us!

  5. Hope you’re feeling better!!! Really cool journal–I love all those colorful pages!

  6. Washi tape has been a recent discovery for me…I have not used it, but I’ve seen it in other posts…colorful and fun. Your journal turned out awesome!! Glad you are feeling better. xo

  7. Looks like fun! I’m inspired to do more collage.

  8. Wow!!! Excellent, Corrine. I love it. Hope you are feeling all better now. Keep up the good work!

  9. What a colorful and fun journal! Brilliant with the washi tape! This is a fun swap, too! xxoo

  10. This is so bright and happy. I”m sure someone will love it. I love how you couldn’t find your duct tape til you were done. Sounds just like me. Question — How did you attach the pages inside the cover? Did you sew them through the packing tape? Hope you’re feeling better and sending hugs.

  11. Yummy ! I hope you are feeling better now. It took me two weeks to get my studio back too. Feels good to be home.
    Happy Wednesday, Talented One !

  12. I love that you ‘made do’ with what you had…at least to begin with. It would have been hard for me to let this one go! I’m sure it will be treasured.

  13. And have you seen the packing tape with designs printed on it? Oh the ideas. This was such a fun journal. I’ve loved seeing all the ways you can approach it.

  14. What an awesome, fun journal! I love creative reuse, and I love packing tape for projects, too. 🙂

  15. very nice! I couldn’t find Duct tape in my studio either….

  16. This is sooooo FAN TAS TIC!!!!! I will have to try this, you are my go to green artist! You rock!

  17. Great solution and I love the idea of using the duct tape as a closure – will have to remember that when I make one for me. The glimpse of pages sure looks enticing and whoever receives it is sure to be thrilled! I told Karen she needs to do this one again – I had a blast!

  18. Your journal is so much fun – duct tape or packing tape- the person who receives this will be thrilled!

  19. An absolute duct tape special! Hope you are getting back to your old self again!
    Thanks for the lovely comment left re. my newest collages plus those of Shane!

  20. Hi Corrine,
    Sorry to hear you were sick for a whole week, uuugh! I hope you’ve returned to full recovery. I love these beautiful and colorful journals. The wasabi tape is so pretty makes me want to go get some now. I never have used it. I have used the colorful duct tape which comes in such great colors now(not my father’s old silver duct tape).

    I’m afraid that the art supplies here are always in need of organization. I just don’t work very neatly. It seems to be a block that I can never change no matter how hard I try. I usually take a few hours every couple of weeks to reorganize it and then it eventually goes back to chaos. I don’t think this will change, I guess I’ll just have to accept that this is my work style.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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