Lackluster Fall

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I don’t know about you but the colors this year here in my part of New England have been lackluster at best, downright browny dull.  I miss the brilliant oranges, the red golds and the deep mahogany of the maples.  Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs iArt Chronicles by Geri Centzone, her royal geekness and all round talented iphone art artist, ipad artist, and zombie painter extraordinaire.  On her blog was a note about Harris Camera and iphone app free for two days.  I quickly snapped it up and made my FALL BLAZE. (click on any photo to make it larger)


  1. Sorry to hear the brights are missing at your end of the world, they have been here but are slowly fading out. I am sure you have more than enough warm and bright colours in your studio to keep you warm through the season:)

  2. That’s such a shame! When I lived in New England, the leaves were one of my favorite parts of Fall.

    We had some nice colors here, but then we had lots of wind… so most of the nice leaves are now on the ground. *Sigh.*

  3. Some years just seem to turn out that way, don’t they. We’re well into the white blue and spruce green season here.
    see what I mean ? the cursor bar gets stuck at the beginning of the line. xo Kim edit easily.. This text box is giving me fits, it shows up in cursive and doesn’t let me

  4. Oh and I meant to say before I got discombobulated in the last text box that the shadow photo is my fave.

  5. Interesting digital images and I like the shadow too. We have some lovely colours at the moment in the east of England, a much better Autumn than we’ve had for a long time. I think it’s all that rain we had over the summer.

  6. Ah, thanks sis!!! When we were in PA two weeks ago I wished for more color too since we don’t have it out West! I like how the Harris Camera has brightened your world and really love that shadow shot. Definitely add that one to Instagram!!!

    Hugs from the Geek!

  7. WOW! now that IS bright!….and beautiful.

  8. These are cool, but our colors here have been gorgeous this week in their real pallette. Fall is so beautiful !
    You make your own beautiful, Corrine. Brava for that !

  9. I know what you mean, Corrine. I see the colors in spurts here, but it’ snot consistent. I love what this app does… so cool.

  10. our colors are really pretty here, but nothing like what you achieved with this app. Just stunning. I want to live in that world! You made your own Garden of Eden. Gorgeous!

  11. Wonderful!

  12. Fall color has been blah here in southern RI, too. Disappointing to say the least!

  13. What if fall looked like this?! How amazing would that be! A full rainbow of leaf colors!

  14. Holy moly, now that’s some bright! I’m so glad we went to the NE last year then because the colors were glorious! I know some years are better than others but it seems you managed to compensate a bit and bring color into your life. Thanks for the shot of vibrancy to start my day.

  15. Holy Cow WOW! I wish I could look out my window and see something like that!
    Totally fabulous.

  16. I love the blazing colors you created in spite of mother nature’s lackluster show …. it has been that way here too. Lack of rain in the summer? I don’t know what you guys had going on out east, but we had a very dry august and september ….

  17. Eva has an iPad on her Christmas list…maybe we need one in the house. love that app. We hare having a golden fall. red and orange leaves turned brown quick.

  18. Gorgeous colors. If only our trees looked this colorful. We didn’t get enough moisture and the heat zapped what little rain we got. No wonder the trees in my neighborhood look so bad. Yours on the other hand, look like they came from over the rainbow!!

  19. mary helen fernandez stewart says:

    Wow I am so inspired!!! Beautiful works here!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  20. All your photos are wonderful Corinne, but I especially like those with trees, they look fantastic with all the colors.

    • Hello Corrine,
      I’m loving popping in to visit lovely bloggers tonight… been too long. Coming on summer here and up there you are dealing with the colours fading and all those browns… I can only imagine… it s green here all year round. I wonder how I would find it to be where you are right now… I can only wonder!
      Its fun to play with colour and suit yourself though isnt it!
      Good creating!

  21. dang…now i’m missing Virginia. Florida doesn’t have much of that (where I lived for 10 years) and Colombia (where I am now) has NONE.

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