You Knew I Wouldn’t Be Happy Until I…

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Played with color.  Carnival Lights…16 x 24 canvas board…collage, acrylic paint, oil pastels.  In my new/renewed Etsy in my sidebar.  Time to get more color under my nails and keep painting…

Carnival Lights




  1. I love this! The colors are wonderful.

  2. This one makes me want to dance to Latin music…heehee!!xoxo

  3. Very vibrant and happy colors. The title fits it! I used to hate the paint under the nails, not anymore.

  4. Gorgeous! Just the yummiest colors!

  5. It’s like a happiness explosion! Gorgeous stuff Corrine!

  6. Those colors are full of life and energy and happiness – exactly how I felt at Art Is You! I love how you kept all the colors vibrant and the layers did not muddy at all!

  7. Really, really like this one! ox

  8. Oh wow.

  9. beautiful colors and composition. I love the corrugated cardboard at the bottom. The texture of it with all of its rise and falls reminds me of a roller coaster!

  10. you have a way with corrugated cardboard. it’s so beautifully integrated and it pulls the whole wonderful piece together.

  11. great color! woke me up this cloudy am!

  12. my favorite one yet.

  13. Gorgeous, such a bright show of color and optimism!

  14. That’s a beauty!!!!! Bet the rain stopped! xo Pamela

  15. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I’m in love with this! I love the use of the corrugated paper, too! So colorful and alive! xxoo

  16. i can always count on you to wake me up! the corrugated paper reminds me of a fence and seems very grounding to the composition… perfect

  17. I just love the surprise of the cardboard textures – and of course all that vibrant color is just delicious. Beautiful piece!

  18. oooooh – I love the surprise of the corrugated texture at the bottom – beautiful, radiant piece!!!

  19. Warm energy in this piece. Love!

  20. WOW, love it and Etsy store…great works of art, so polished. You are moving forward in a big way. You go!

  21. This looks fantastic! I just love it and all my favorite colors. 🙂

  22. Wow….that cleared my head 😉 Fab-u-lous! x

  23. You play with the best color, Corrine ! Love love love it !

  24. elizabeth m says:

    lovely colors!

  25. Oh wow, i LOVE this, the colors are delicious!

  26. this piece Exudes happiness and light!

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