Art Is You – I’m Off

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I’m off to Art is You tomorrow and frantically filling a bag with supplies for my assemblage classes with Serena Barton, Andrea Matus Demeng and Lorraine Reynolds and painting with Mary Beth Shaw.  Who knew you could fit so much in a bag, thank goodness I am driving… I am really looking forward to trying something new, stepping out and being free to see what shows up.  I am also connecting with two ultra special ladies – Ms Cat(and her sister) and Ms Carolyn whom I have not met and am so looking forward to hugs and a good chat up. I shall return with a full report and lots of pics.  Time to put on my sparkly hat and fly (well drive really) away.  See you Monday.  In the mean time, a post or two might pop up and here are some instagram collage pics from some journal play.


































  1. Wishing you a woandeful trip dear Corrine,
    drive safe, and have fun-

  2. Wishing you a week of sparkle, a safe trip, and hope to see lots of pics when you return! Lucky you!

  3. Sure does sound fun! Have a great time! I linked you in my brief post yesterday. 🙂

    And that is a pretty nose. 🙂

  4. I’m shaking in my boots friend!! Cant wait to give you a big squeeze!! xoxoxo

  5. sounds like fun!1 Safe trip!

  6. sounds so exciting, have a blast! xo

  7. That sounds great, Corrine. Will look forward to a full repot. And road trip — how fun. Pick up a coffee to go.

  8. Have a safe drive! I’m so excited for this- like a kid on Christmas Eve!

  9. OMG this sounds DElicious and wish I could tag along. I took my first ever art class at Art & Soul on Monday from Jane Davies. I’m still processing but will share some of my efforts as well as soon as I get a few minutes. Hope you have a creative weekend full of hugs and smiles and inspiration!

  10. I hope to see you there, Corrine !!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !

  11. Have fun….would love to see that sparkly hat….knowing have more than one!

  12. Safe travels Corrine. I look forward to meeting you there — although with 4 workshops I may never see you in the halls!

  13. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Oh Corrine! How fun! Drive safe and I look forward to reading all about it here with pictures 🙂

    I have followed Mary Beth Shaw’s art for awhile and love her textural inclusions. You’ll have a ball! Enjoy! xxoo

  14. Hey – on my return from vacation I found a p/c from you for the MMSA getting to know you. THANKS! love the snail mail theme and as usual your collage is amazing.

  15. Hope it went well!

  16. Luky gal! We want to hear all about your classes. Thank you for your pretty postcard!

  17. I hope you’ll share lots about your experience at Art Is You.
    Loving your Friday affirmation 🙂

  18. Corrine.. SO SO SO glad to have met you at AiY this weekend. Let’s keep in touch.

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