Journaling Patterns

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Nature gives us the most sublime patterns, the chambered nautilus, the rings of the tree, the simple trail of the worm working it’s way through the soil. Bird feet prints, the white lines on the highway, the skeleton of the leaf, things that repeat.  As humans we form our own patterns of behavior. Get up, make coffee, walk dogs…day in day out we are habituated to patterns.  Every once in a while we break out, break free, only to start new patterns all over again.  There is comfort in knowing what we know will be the same, what we think will be the same or, at least we are comforted by the notion of comfort.  Playing with patterns, in the journal, for it’s own sake.


  1. Patterns, yummy patterns. Love these close ups of patterns. I too can get into patterns like nothing else.

  2. Love the colors you use!

  3. These would make great fabric patterns! Love the repeat and off beat shapes and of course – the orange.

  4. Love that bottom one especially……and the postal cancellation….

  5. Awesome mix of patterns and color!!!

  6. Delish!!!

  7. I like patterns…both in art and in life. I like breaking free from them too though as you said.

  8. good stuff! fun to play with. enjoy!

  9. What fabulous colors and lines!!

  10. I am a patterned person. I appreciate your acknowledgement of patterns being every where. I will look deeper at things in my life how nature presents more patterns to me. I love the art journal.

  11. I have not experimented with patterns and thinking now that I should! This is so wonderful Corrine, so rhythmic, colorful, and pulls me right in ! You are so free!

  12. I just got lost in those delicious patterns. Repetition is a comfortable experience. What you might call Zen. It’s great for when I’m not sure what I want to make next…but often leads to it.

  13. I love the patterns, especially the ones in the first photo. They really got me going. I try to be random, but end up repeating a lot of patterns, too. Maybe it’s controlled chaos (grin). Love YOUR patterns!

  14. very nice post. I need a chaos here. my studio was clean for two days..became trashed again and I moved back to the dinning room. before I go to bed I will clean my work space. but for now the sun is shining and my camera calls!

  15. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Corrine! This is fabulous; what a pick-me-up! I love your brilliant colors and the patterns are just incredibly awesome. I keep going back for more views. xxoo Marilyn

  16. I wonder if our background in interior design impacts our enjoyment of mixing and matching pattern and finding it everywhere? I find the more I develop my artistic interest and photographic eye, the more aware I am of patterns everywhere – and I revel in finding new ones. Thanks for the good reminder in this fun page.

  17. I love a bit of pattern, can’t live without it! I need the comfort of pattern in my life, then to break free for a while, then to come back to a safe pattern. Wonderful pieces.

  18. Corrinne I love your play with different pattern, really fantastic , our lives are filled with different patterns, it is only to open our eyes and look around.
    Hugs Anni

  19. great stuff …..lovely colours and patterns …….x

  20. I think pattern is my favorite element of making art. texture is cool, and color is awesome, but I think pattern can be rewarding in every texture and color. I like the variety of this work!

  21. There does seem to be something comforting in the order of patterns – even odd ones.

    It just makes sense.

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