Seeing Texture in Different Ways

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The iphone has opened so many doors with it’s fancy camera and apps that go pop that it makes me want to investigate seeing in a different way.  Today I explored texture through the instagram lens and then in PSE9.  Your art can be transformed with the push of a button, the blink of an eye and a whole new way of seeing can open up to other possibilities of making your art in series, adding to your own original collage with the addition of an altered photograph of that same collage that can become part of the piece.  Seeing, looking, glancing askance can open the mind to possibility. Paper flowers stitched and altered by seeing differently.


  1. What did people do before iphones and photoshop? I see you’re heading ot Art Is in October! I’ll be there too- perhaps we can meet up in person- or even maybe have a class together!

  2. Love to alter photos and I can’t wait until I can renew my phone contract and get an iphone!

    That is some pretty stitching there!

  3. It’s great fun playing around with apps and photoshop. I like the one on the right best of all.

  4. Hi my dear friend Corrine
    How did I lose you in the pipeline! It came with the change to your new blog somehow! It’s nice to be here since finding you again!
    The instagram combined with Photoshop will change your art hereafter.
    Love the effects above!
    Hugs to you,

  5. I love what you shared, it’s so beautiful. I’m trying to learn little bits about Photoshop here and there and find it overwhelming. I’m really inspired by the photos you shared of your work.

  6. Thats clever ……yes perhaps we can use technology to our advantage after all ……..xx

  7. I feel so “OLD SCHOOL” when I saw this post. You do more with your phone and computer than I can possibly imagine. This is very, very impressive. And of course, quite artful, too!

  8. I think the iPhone bug hasn’t bitten! I’ll have to check out the Filter Pro app and do a post on it if I can figure it out!

  9. I’m not a fancy phone person either (no internet on my phone, no apps), but I do love my PSE so maybe it’s time to start playing again. It seems there’s always something new to get my brain clicking. Your play looks delightful!

  10. I love the variety of looks and possibilities …. But most of all I love the texture of your stitched paper flower. That’s gorgeous!

  11. you make this low tech girl want to move into 2012! love the photos.

  12. Wow, gorgeous effects indeed! All versions look great, but I like the one on the left best of all .

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Gaby xo

  13. Dotcha just love it ??? I love mine too.
    You are doing fun and beautiful things with your new toy, Lovely One. Enjoy !
    Happy Autumn Sunday !

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