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Altered inspiration collage on Instagram.  Today paste, paste, paint, paste, instagram.  The need to do mindful repetitive movement to stir the creative juices.  Crisp air, hot paint, smooth stick of glue and a technological marvel=happiness. Now to do useful repetitive work – painting the wood shed- ahhhhh.  Coffee first, okay?









































  1. Oh my gosh…these are fab! Just fab!

    Whenever I see or hear the words wood shed , I think of the movie Cold Comfort Farm. Have you seen it? It’s funny and quirky….a line in the movie that is said over and over by the grandmother is “I saw something nasty in the wood shed!” Don’t know why that one stuck with me but it did.

    Hope you enjoyed your coffee and that you got your wood shed repetitiously painted. 🙂

  2. Love love love these.

  3. I adore these! I’ve been trying to take more pictures for the purpose of using them in collage. I love using my own photos, but my pics are usually rather traditional shots of family or something I want to remember. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had a particular type of image for collage, so I’m getting better at noticing the things in my environment that would make good pictures for collage fodder. I was in Boston yesterday and kept stopping to snap pictures of sewer covers and grates 🙂 Your collages are so beautiful and inspiring!

  4. These are incredible. I would LOVE to know how you painted the lines in the painting using the girl in the bottom left. This is incredible.

    Like you, I can’t start any project without my coffee. I hope yours was as good as it looked.

    I’m trying to play catch up, so please have a super Sunday and don’t paint too hard (grin).

  5. OH MY GOODNESS WOW. And you KNOW when I spell out OMG…I MEAN it.

  6. Oh how very pretty your collages are, instagrammed and not. Love the colours, of course! 🙂

  7. This is some flippin great stuff Corrine! Really looooove this! The muted colors are gorgeous, the collage is super!

  8. I enlarged your photos to get a better look. These collages are absolutely amazing…you are one talented, lady ! You never cease to amaze me!

    Hugs, Gaby

  9. Love the textures you used- this is beautiful!

  10. These are great and while I don’t instagram, I do have about a million photos that could/should become the backbone of many a collage. Once again, you’ve inspired me. Now, how do I work my photos into a spiral ? I’ll figure something out, just you watch! 🙂

  11. love all those colors! good stuff. Nice time a year to paint a shed. We have been out cutting fire wood, here in PA it’s raining acorns. ( glad you liked my new blog banner, thanks)

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