Obsessed with the Spiral

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Since beginning The 40 Day Creativity Experiement I became somewhat obsessed with the spiral.  I worked on the piece for the whole 40 days, sometimes a bit, sometimes not at all and then whole bunches of hours not minutes. The book form turned into quite the snake of a thing and while I am not sure she’s done, I have put her to rest for now.  If I stretched her out she would be well over 8 feet long and yet I could see her getting bigger still. We will have to see what the muse provides in the way of whispers as to her future.  For now she sits on the shelf with her sisters, having a good old chat. You can click on any of the photos in the gallery to make them larger.


  1. I love the colors and textures on this piece and the whole process

  2. I love your colours of purple, and greenish yellow, and orange-they all together makes a most vibrant and beautiful “snake” and my eyes wants to follow it all, from center till end…..
    Hugs to Corrine from Dorthe

  3. Wow, what an amazing concept, I love them. The colours really leap out at you and lead your eye along joyfully, brilliant.
    Big hugs x x x x

  4. Really, 8′ of colorful happiness? And what a great series or collection or whatever…. the group of them is SO cool. Reminds me once again that I really MUST try something in a series.

  5. Gosh all this loveliness is making me happy happy happy!! Look at all your wonderful colors,they are singing to me my friend!! The last photo with all of them is sooooo cool!! xoxo

  6. I like spirals. Always have. Round and around I go … where I stop nobody knows??? !!!! Wonderful!

  7. 8 feet long? That’s amazing! The colours are awesome.

  8. Coooool! And, I am loving this new look of your sparkle day page.wow!

  9. I think you really stretched out with this challenge. Love what you have done.

  10. How about a divided box like an old coke crate to house the collection. ? love the colors.

  11. This has turned out fantastic! I especially love the photo of the group of scrolls together, they hint at deep and meaningful messages inside. Well done you!

  12. ooh, I love those spirals, may have to do one myself…..tina

  13. i’m sure she’s talking with her sisters about the passion and emotion and pure love that she’s made of

  14. I love this sculpture that you have created, full of energy and passion.

  15. It is such a beautiful project, colourful and yummy.

  16. I just love the way these look all rolled up on that ledge. The colors and texture are outstanding and invite so much curiosity!

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