Postal Pinwheel – Collage Is My Bliss

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Popped in to post my Postal Pinwheel of mail goodness going out this week.  What’s twirling in your creative life?  Give me a shout, let me know, what’s making you glow…

Collage is MY bliss



  1. looking good!

  2. it is always fun to read your blog! no moans, groans, complaints just the joy of doing what you love! thanks for this mornings smile!

  3. I’m afraid the only things twirling here these days are my knitting needles and my head. Maybe it’s time to get that glue stick out and create som colourful collages. Love yours!!

  4. So much fun in these mail goodies!

  5. Love seeing al!!l your wonderful mailart! Lucky recipiants

  6. Gorgeous cards! Your collage is my bliss too!

  7. Thanks for sharing your bliss!

  8. I’m so busy I decided to have a blog give away so I wouldn’t have to post! Mailing out a magazine submission today and finishing another soon, I hope..wish me luck that they get picked up. Also doing PR for an art show and entering the art show. Plus I signed up for a few art projects online. better get cracking, time is ticking!

  9. Oh I love collage too! And yours just makes me sing! My bliss these days…the granddaughters!

  10. Such happy collage work her Corrine. I am in blog anniversary bliss here recently. And a little hopeful for some rain today…the sky looks promising.


  11. My head is spinning seing all your wonderful collaged mail art, Corrine
    so many wonderful colours and envelopes- there will be happy dayes where they arrive!
    Now it is dark,and evening here, so computer time 🙂
    Hugs to you, still in the afternoon in your place.

  12. oh how i love these….and I love the new look of your webpage too…..

  13. beautiful happy work as always Corrine, and lucky recipients! You always manage to brighten my day!

  14. Forgot to say…LOVE the new look!

  15. I love these! Such wonderful colors! I’m still stuck on crochet for some reason! Wish I had time for more!

  16. My Bliss too!

  17. Lynn Radford says:

    Love the variety of your pinwheel! 😀 Have you been active at IUOMA lately?

  18. I see a little different style of collage on some of these cards – hooray for variety! I love the size of postcards to practice collage and play with all the bits and pieces I have around me. What’s not to love?! Lucky recipients.

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