Paste, Paper, Paint and A Whole Lot of Gratitude

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I admit it, I neglected the 40 Day Creativity Experiment for a few days while doing the studio dust up (which is still not dusted entirely), but no never mind. I definitely made up for it today in the studio before teaching, during teaching and after teaching – one minute turned into four hours.

Today was all about the things that give me the most joy, paste, paper and then some paint. Collage feeds me like nothing else comes close.  It’s what I turn to again and again for joy, exuberance, color, light, a way through darkness, for gratitude that something so humble can be such a gift…to me.  As my friend Kathye would say,”It’s HUGE”.

It’s no surprise that the women who are closest to me in the world influence my work, their very spirits sit at my shoulder always like guardian angels and I move mountains in their energetic presence.  Paste, Paper, Paint and my bundle of Angel girls (Linda, Damini, Kathye, Carolyn, Erica and Victoria). This 40 Day Experiment is turning into an epiphany of gratitude for their love.

The snake like scroll is continuing to move and grow. Click on the pics to make them larger.


  1. Looks great, Corrine.

  2. DElightful! All those yummy layers and your collaging shows through everywhere. Lucky you to have such uninterrupted time in the studio…’s fun to get so lost in what you’re doing, isn’t it?

  3. Amazing collection!

  4. It is coming along amazingly well. What fun!

  5. cant wait to see what you do as a finale! great colors!

  6. Dear Corrine your work with paste, paper and paint are really amazing and creative done, love your color choice, wish you a lovely sunday.

  7. Oh Corrine. These are so, so beautiful. It’s great to take a break every now and then…isn’t it?

  8. Barbara Dunn says:

    A beautiful celebration! I want to make something, now.

  9. This is true, raw creative spirit at it’s best! So glad I get to see it, it’s amazing!

  10. keep on keeping on..good stuff!!!

  11. lots of layers, and your beautiful colors, looks perfect…

  12. Growth is good! And this piece seems to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. It will be a monster in no time. Of course, it will be an ARTFUL monster!!

  13. A great series of pictures. You’ve got to be proud of this work. And being surrounded by that vibrancy would be groovy!

  14. Gorgeously colored as only you can do…beautiful images Corrine. xo

  15. love this everything about this site!

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