Thrifting Score and Some Dog Days Dust Up

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Thrifting score from a tiny shop in my town called Bcheeky.  Aqua blue watery goodness in  a small scale cabinet to organize my glue sticks, paints and papers.  The home cubby studio required some serious dust up and reorganization and I have been eyeing this cute cabinet for several weeks and finally bought it.  A tiny house needs a tiny cabinet and my ceilings downstairs just hits seven feet.  This beauty falls under six so it was a match made for me.

Aqua blue cabinet with paper storage  below

Plastic bin reorganization and labels

I reorganized my plastic bins and found a home for most of the the tools and supplies I use all the time including my washi which I put on bamboo skewars to keep them from rolling around in the drawer.  Serious washi addition, I know, but hey, it could be worse right?

Washi love

I have a huge load of mail to return this weekend so I need to finish  the dust up today so I can get to addressing these and making some more…..

Postal to go

Enjoy your weekend everyone.




  1. i love everything about this post….the cabinet, all the organized stuff, the tape, the tape! and the mail! sooo much goodness!

  2. Ooh! What a fabulous storage space! Very pretty 🙂

  3. What a great addition to my bedroom, ha!
    That is a drawer of washiliciousness if I ever saw one.
    I’m up to a six roll collection in mostly neutral tones.
    My storage is such an eclectic mix I can barely find anything except on my glass workbench which just goes to show you more room doesn’t always mean more organization. Maybe I ought to pay your way to come up here for a studio makeover. Is there a show for that yet?

    I love the way you make all of those supplies explode with life and creative profusion when they come out of the cubby world, Corrine.

  4. I love your new cabinet, it is so wonderful, Corrine.
    Gives good storage, and looks beautiful.
    Your washi rolls on bamboo pinns,is a great idea,
    and all your post looks so happy and fantastic colourfull.

  5. I’m in love with your new cabinet. my washi collection is starting to look like yours…
    got your kitchen postcards today – so glad they came. I thought I was going to have to send a few people two of my own postcards to make the math work out right, but now with your fabulous stack everyone will get something different. and thanks so much for those fabulous vintage envelopes. swoon!

  6. Hello to another washi addict! I always enjoy seeing other people’s studios and your looks great. Love the new cabinet. Nice addition. This post was in my spam filter — how rude! Luckily I found it. Have a good weekend, Corrine.

  7. The color of that cabinet alone makes me drool, and then your supplies!!! And tape!! Can I come over??! Love your post, and your space, and I am seriously jealous of the organization!

  8. Love your new cabinet … lots of storage and nice color, too! Well done!

  9. Great find there Corrine! Looks great!

  10. You are so organized!!! LOVE the cabinet and envy your tape collection 😉

  11. What a great cabinet! And your organizational skills look exceptional…but the art really blew me away! Lucky recipients!

  12. Well, that cabinet is certainly a find – who doesn’t love beautiful storage….it makes you want to keep things neat inside, right? Can anyone say washi addiction? Wait, I think you did…’ve got some really cool patterns there. I keep forgetting to use mine and I don’t have nearly the selection you do, but I find I want to hoard them and not run out. Silly. And you’ve got quite a stack of very cool mail to go out – we’re on the same timeframe….mail art weekend for me too! 🙂

  13. Just popped over from Artists in Blogland. Wow you are so organised. Lucky you to have a dedicated arty space. Great artwork too.

  14. wonderful storage cabinet and beautiful color! And the tape collection brings out the envy in me! I’m still editing and throwing! and moving storage around as well! I guess thats what summer time is for. get ready for a mad paintathon come the cool days of fall!

  15. What a beautiful cabinet! Wonderful storage space and I love the colour.
    And what a great collection of washi tape!

  16. What a fab find indeed! I too am envious of the organization skills! I have them (I think) but they’re temporarily deactivated!

  17. my hero! you even lable the bins. I cleaned out my work space last week. Most of my mess was things I had been hoarding..I know I can use that scrap of paper..string..candy foil…old postage stamp. In the end I recycled several bags of paper and burned in our fire pit 4 garbage bags of crap. now I have room to work and start collecting again!!! People know I use recycled items in my art so they give me stuff and I can’t say no so it piles up quick.

  18. Both the cabinet and washi tape would look great anywhere. Great find indeed!

  19. Organization and art! What could be better.

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