Creative Destruct Re-Construct

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The totally stinky day has blown away on the wind and rain of the past few days and the mojo creativity play is spinning and spiraling out once more.  Do you need to go down into the dark zone to emerge into the light of new ideas?  Sometimes I do and so, my 40 Day Creativity Experiment took a dramatic change reconstruction. (Yes this took more than a minute a day, but it has spurred ideas that I have been pondering and illuminated some possible solutions for a variety of projects.)  I do love how one act moves mountains sometimes and I feel like this destruct/reconstruct has done just that.  Like swimming in cement and then in a cool waterfall and coming out clean.  Here is where she is at…


  1. Wow Corrine. I don’t like the idea of going down into a dark place in order to emerge into the light…and don’t want to say I have, but I must admit I put myself in that position this past couple weeks. I think that your emergence is due to the fact that you kept looking for answers when you were in the dark…and the universe always answers. Always. And what a beautiful answer it gave you.

  2. it’s a sculpture..a perfect table sculpture. I would display it on my dinning room table, it could be seen from all angles in my small house.
    sooooo cooooLLLL!

  3. brave move …and was really successful …genius lady …xx

  4. The colors and textures are truly inspiring, love this piece.

  5. Looks like there was a bit of stitching, lots of layers and I just love the undulating top line. The progression of colors is so intricate and flowing…a very beautiful piece. I agree with Jill that it would be a fabulous table sculpture where it could be seen from all sides.

  6. Sometimes my most creative work comes from turning the darkness inside out. I love your sense of color and look forward to exploring your blog.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Enjoy the day…..*s*

  7. This is really gorgeous. I would love to feel the texture of the paper. So pretty too unrolling on the table like that. What a cool idea and has my wheels turning!

  8. Corrine, you are always an inspiration. Reading your posts are as beautiful as what you create.

  9. I love getting to see all of the bits of this as it rolls out- really funky and cool texture. Very cool. I am sorry about the dark days but I’m glad they are rolling out- I do know what you mean by them as I’ve had them myself from time to time…hope to keep seeing your creations! (So I’ll be looking for a sub button somewhere or bookmarking the page,thank you for the visit to my space. )

  10. Nice to see how this process is developing. I can see lots of undulations and movement in this. It is, in my opinion, a true work of energy in art.

  11. “dark zone to emerge into the light of new ideas?”…yes,me too..and I think it’s a beautiful process…a re-birth.
    Your lovely spiral wave has movement and texture and like your words… offering wisdom to us all.
    Big hugs dear friend,Cat

  12. Kudos for hanging in there! The result is a beauty 🙂

  13. no … I can’t say that I do, but I do get frustrated with pieces especially when I am working on a deadline and I feel I don’t have time to “play” with it… this is so beautiful…

  14. I’m getting a strong beauty in unexpected places-vibe as this is unfolding – like I get from the decorated concrete walls at the Geo park down by the Oil museum – the waves and curves and layers of paint and texture being part of their beauty.
    I do indeed have to step into the dark to find my path every now and then. Some of my best work has been born down there.


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