40 Days of pLaY

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pLaY that’s how the 40 day creativity experiment is going for me.  Summer heat, low energy, no outcomes, pure experimentation.  What a great way to view the day. A brief minute burst of whatever comes along and voila!  Until tomorrow.  Thanks Damini for this great idea to open up in minute amounts.  Visit the facebook site here and see what others are doing with their minutes since July 23rd in the photos section.



  1. This definitely looks like some happy blooming play!
    Glad yiu’re having some fun despite the heat.

  2. omgoodness…what fabulosity you’re creating here. i made a goal for myself a few years ago to get into the playroom for at least 5 minutes a day…even if it was just to clean up from the last play time or choose buttons for the next project. it’s amazing to me what i can accomplish in a few minutes and those few usually turn into hours.

  3. lyle baxter says:

    keep on playing! Now that today is over I can think of paint once more. Today was the annual citywide yard sale in my little town and its a pain in the youknow to get ready but we sold lots of “time to goes” and made some travel $$$. now I can paint and play like you! nice colors

  4. This looks so colourful and such a lot of fun. I wish I’d joined this now, it’s a great project. Maybe I’ll start one of my own through August. I’ve recently bought an iPad so it would be a good tryout for that.

  5. You are making such awesome use of your creative time, Miss Corrine ! Play on, Beautiful !

  6. Playing with color definitely has its advantages. Seeing this piece up close showed so many layers. I can only imagine what it looks like in person.

  7. Corinne, they are so wonderfully strong in expression, and colour- I wish I could feel the same,- am a bit under the weather just now—
    Hugs Dorthe

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