Spiraling Out Books

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Spirals, the influence of the sea, the nautilus, the double helix, energy moving up the spine. Been playing with books since I returned from Wisconsin, making spirals, painting, pasting, stitching,  moving to the rhythm of the spirals, slow, easy, face to the sun, arms wide, twirling and spinning out into the ether.



  1. Love these! As always-your use of color is just great!

  2. LOVE!

  3. oh these are ♥AMAZING♥! i love the intense colors and that sublime stitching! plus, anything that’s rolled up & tied with a ribbon is AUTOMATICALLY inviting, isn’t it?! these remind me a bit of the japanese scrolls they have at the met… part painting, part calligraphy, entirely beautiful!

  4. Simply incredible. Love these.

  5. So beautiful. Most wonderful colours,

  6. Your colours take my breath away. Do I see tissue papers or is it all paint?

  7. WOW! Gorgeous!

  8. I agree with everyone – these are gorgeous!

  9. So wonderful dear Corrinne, love everything about them, wish you a lovely weekend.
    Hugs Anni

  10. I love these! Looks likeWI was a success and happy time!

  11. Wow – those are just so cool!
    and I love your colors – as always!!!

  12. these are so delicious. I can feel the anticipation and excitement of unfurling each one. How big are they? It’s hard to tell the scale.

  13. you rolled me over with those, very clever little things!

  14. These are fabulous, so colorful & such a great idea. I’ve been catching up with shoe & shadow love – so romantic! A great set of steps – are you all better now? & some lovely mail art.

  15. Fun!

  16. What a totally fabulous and oh-so-creative idea. Who wouldn’t just love opening such a book? I must try it! Do you have joined papers to make the length, or just one LONG paper? How long is yours? I’m thinking something extra long would be part of what would make the book surprising and cool…..

    I’m continuing on in the ALAW (a letter a week) project to create my second alphabet book. I’m thinking something circular, spiral, round would work for an alpha book……hmmmm Thanks for this inspiring idea.

  17. I love your first paragraph description–it made me “feel” these wonderful books even more. They’re gorgeous!

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