Weekend Simple Summer Views

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I determined to take it easy this weekend, relax and chill and catch up on some postal art that needed my attention.  I didn’t count on pulling a muscle in my back to make sure I didn’t do too much.  Friday, the Superhero suggested hooky, which he NEVER does so I jumped at the chance for a lazy stroll and lunch in Newburyport, MA – maybe I jumped too high, that’s how I pulled the muscle(actually it was a big honking rock that I moved – wonderwoman I ain’t even though I keep trying to be). So, yesterday after teaching I sat and worked on post cards, random collage and the 40 Day Creativity Experiment.  Today more of the same and then off to the chiropractor next week. Ah well…hope you enjoy the views…

Ebb tide at Joppa Flats

Superhero gazing at the view

View toward Newburyport through the eel grass

posts to go

New porch steps

I only lifted the flat rock at the bottom, but it probably weighs 60 lbs, don’t know why I continue to think I can do this stuff.  Whack up side the head from myself is in order…seriously, the granite blocks came from my neighbor – just sitting in a pile collecting moss, so with their tractor, we were able to get marvelous new steps.  Now to deal with the dirt around the bottom.  Ground cover would be lovely but with five dogs, I think it will be pea gravel to the rescue.

Happy Sunday all, shine on.



  1. Lovely shots. Take care of your back! Be careful!

  2. lyle baxter says:

    the steps look very nice! you do good work. post cards look great too! I like the one with the “firecracker” flowers. as to the back just remember those goodies return to haunt you as you get older.take it easy!

  3. lovely views, lovely mail, lovely new stairs. hope your back is feeling better soon! I also have a very hard convincing myself I’m not wonderwoman and I do many dumb things as a result 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry your hurt Corrine! Relax make Art! lol Feel better soon woman! Some MailArt headed your way Monday….those postcards look yummy!Hugs! deb

  5. hope you got a nice back rub, outta the deal. you deserve it!

  6. I figured I’d find the story of the pulled back muscle here. Yes, you are like me for sure…my mind forgets how old my body is!!

  7. I love anything to do with boats and water so I did enjoy the views–and that’s some awesome mail art, too! Hope you feel better soon–watch out for those big honking things 😉

  8. Barbara Savarese says:

    I love the postcards, I am going to make some today when I get home. Beth is still not well, but soon I will be home with her. Take care, I hope your back is better today. Barbara

  9. Sounds like you had better take it easy from your takin’ it easy! It is hard to give up anything to our growing older but sometimes we are forced to admit it. BTDT! Your mail art looks great. The new steps look almost worth it! Very solid.

  10. Oh, I hope you heal up quickly ! Next time, wait for the superhero and move big stuff together !
    Looks like you had a fine hooky day and card making time anyway. Take good care of you.

  11. Your flowers look good — your cards look good and I hope you feel better very soon! xo

  12. Stop lifting those rocks woman! Geesh, take care of yourself…I think the cure for that is making more art, cause that is what you do soooo well, those postcards look wonderful! Those views look great too! Hope you start to feel better.

  13. Love your photos! Great steps, too!
    Have a wonderful week and I hope your back feels better ASAP!

  14. Ohhh, I love the mail art with the pink flower on it. So pretty!

    I’m sorry you hurt your back! Crazy coincidence — I did, too. For me, it was gardening. Now I remember why I leave that stuff to Mr. S!

    Ice packs work wonders for the pain.

  15. Your steps look so wonderful- so welcoming! Sorry to hear about your back- especially since you had already decided to take some relax time. You picked a great place to play- the water view is magnificent! Postal art goodness will make for some very happy mailboxes!

  16. What a great place to play hooky! And why is it that we feel compelled to do one more thing, lift one heavy rock, move one big sofa, etc? I’m susceptible to back strain as well but have learned (mostly) my limitations. Lifting a honking big rock like that …. not in my ability! 🙂 Though I have to agree, it looks so very cool. And, fab mail art as well, as usual. Lucky recipients! I like mail art when I’m not feeling my best – it’s rewarding to see completion, it’s quick and satisfying, and I love having a stack go out because it means soon a stack will be returning! Rest. Feel better.

  17. Dear Corrine,
    I love the views ,as your superhero also seems to do,lol
    and love your finished envelopes ,to go.
    I don`t like you think you can lift such a rock piece :-),- I so hope for you, the chiropractor can help you to make it go away faster than fast!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  18. OH no!!!!
    I’m so sorry that happened, Corinne!
    Did you go to the chiro today? I hope you are feeling much much better.
    Your postals look so colorful and cool. Love the. Lucky people.

  19. mary helen fernandez stewart says:

    What a wonderful way to spend the weekend…beautiful serene surroundings and a superhero! Please do not pick up any more 60 pound rocks…no matter how wonderful they are. thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a great week…you are an inspiring woman. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  20. Oh I love these! Such charm! I wish our flowers looked as lush…100 plus degree temps are still beating down on us. Boo. Kansas is melting.

  21. Sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back Corrine but enjoy the chance to take a breather xx

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