Hanging Out On The Line

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Clothesline mail, hanging out waiting for me to respond.  Hope they don’t get rained on cause I am far behind.  This is what arrived last week when I was away, oh gosh, must be a mail art Sunday coming on.

A couple outgoing by me, obscured so you can’t see all that is there. I am sure you will figure it out by the colors!  Happy Saturday.  Blissful here for which I am grateful, summer wishes on the wind for all of you.




  1. What fun! I LOVE Mail Call!!!!

  2. lyle baxter says:

    much better than clothes on the line! bet your p.o. friends have fun looking! mine do!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. What is mail art Sunday? These look sweet hanging outside. It SO green and lush there! We are at war with the sun here. It’s HOT! 106 forecast tomorrow. Boo.

  5. How fun! It does look green and lush in your area! Like Lisa, it’s bone dry and mega hot in my neck of the woods! 108 for us tomorrow!

  6. what a beautiful site. I’ll be away for 2 straight weeks in August and will have mail withdrawal during that time. but imagine what I’ll come home to!

  7. wow! how exciting! betcha had fun going through all of them.

  8. What a gorgeous cloth line, filled with wonderful post,- I`m sure the inside was equal wonderful, dear Corrine. Great to keep the postman running! 🙂

  9. What fabulous hanging creativity! Lots of delicious color.

  10. Woohoo! Look at all that arty loveliness!! Lucky lady and don’t you kind of look forward to a day of making mail art? I sure do – it’s so …… relaxing!

  11. fabulous clothes line full of mail art, I love it!!!!!! thanks for your visits & comments : )

  12. I love Mail Art Sundays — try to make that happen most weeks. Did you? Love the mail on the clothesline –so fun.

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