Wallowing in the Sweetness of Pink

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Still off in Wisconsin but I started this piece in the studio last week and there it sits waiting for my return.  I am wallowing in the sweetness of pink this summer, it’s everywhere in what I have been making, from paints, to pastels to crayons, pink, pink, pink and a bit of orange too.  This piece has construction happening, side flap one is just there, some paint, not done, who knows how many flaps there will be and masking tape, lots of masking tape. Pink masking tape and orange and some black too. Plain old, plain old masking tape  acting as a double sided funky hinge. Magazine collage, tempura paint, random stamping. Maybe it’s because I signed up for three assemblage classes at Art Is You in the fall so I have construction on the brain. Wallow in the pink.  What are you wallowing in this summer?  What makes you want to roll in the sweetness of the mud?


  1. Pink and orange, stunning colours together, and then that black, to make them standmore in the front. Your pages are gorgeous dear Corrine- allive and smiling.

  2. Not just pink. Lots of paint-y goodness showing here.

  3. lyle baxter says:

    when you were a kid didnt you have a dress or shorts with these summery colors?. thats what they make me think of!

  4. Bright, shiny and cool!

  5. I love wallowing in orange and pink!!

  6. Love the texture and of course pink!

  7. Pink and all the wonderful layers…makes me Happy.Yup.Happy. ( : xoxo

  8. Pink and Orange remind me of tropical flowers and the lushouss perfume that pours out from them.

    Your journals remind me of sunsets on flowers.

  9. I want to wallow in your studio ………YUMMYYYYYYY………xx

  10. ooooh!! What a fun painting just waiting for you to come home! The older I get, the more I like pink. 🙂 I think when I was little I felt I had to rebel against the color because it was so expected that I like it..gender bias thing, you know. Loving all the texture in this one, and the linear color slices!

  11. Excellent! I want to wallow in those paintings….

  12. I am at loss for words with how incredible this is…the colors, and layers, the depth with the transparencies…I want to dive into the Pink! I love this Corrine!

  13. The sweetness of the mud.. oh that is where I want to go! And let the mud be pink! Beautiful collage and paint work! Inspirational!

  14. certainly lots of pink, but not so much that it’s ‘sweet’ – in fact, it’s yummy, it’s rich, it sparkles with color and depth. Hope you’re enjoying your painty fun in Wisconsin and we’re eager for your return so you’ll share what you’ve been up to. And, finish or play on this one so more….where will it take you?

  15. Love the masking tape play. Fun to remove bits sometimes too and see what is underneath.
    I am going to Art is You too ! (Friday through Monday). I would love to see you there ! Let’s get in touch !
    Hugs and happy trails !

  16. Well, besides wanting to also wallow in this pink I am wallowing in water trying to keep the 100 plus degree sun from ruining the pretty green.

    Hope you are having a grand time! xo

  17. Sounds like you are having a great time! I know how much you love the pinks and oranges. 🙂 Such a lovely combination here! Hum, what am I wallowing in this summer? Feeling “real” grass between my toes, and digging into “real” soil!

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