Journal Juice: Non-Linear and Linear Thinking

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No words, just an idea, a thought about how ideas come tumbling down, freeflow, freefall without the slightest reason for them to make sense, they just are, they just occur.  I have never been a linear thinker, it’s always about the bigger picture, the forces at play, the communion of visual blips on the consciousness.  But the idea of linear organization appeals to me, outwardly I am linear, inwardly nothing of the sort. Journaling the concept.Magazine collage, acrylics, oil pastels, spray inks.  Purple lots of purple.


  1. Corrine, love your cubes of colors ,–and colours so wonderfully mixed and stunning. like little jewels, I -a fabric woman- can`t even imagine what you did to get this wonderful result!
    Happy evening-

  2. Purple….I LOVE!!! and these pages are gorgeous!!! happy sunday Corinne!!!

  3. I have to admit, I love the grid side. I must be a linear thinker, or maybe I just like less chaos in my art. I really love the way you used the magazine images, and of course, the purple!

  4. I’m not a linear thinker either, I jump all over the place but the grid looks like a map of life that I could actually read! How comforting & directional but just occasonally I might take the diagonal 😉

  5. Tic Tac … GO!!!

  6. I love the way your non linear mind works! This is just as free and cool as it gets!

  7. Looks like you’ve got a good balance between the sides there. Linear or non linear- both important at different occations. Colour- always important!

  8. I try to be linear, but I fall in the other category I think. Love how your art really goes with your thought processes today.

  9. And, i like the way you think!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. These pages are such a fun exploration of your concept. Generally, I think I’m more linear and the grid appealed to me immediately. I like the way the greens and yellows contrast with the background red/purple. But, as I look a little longer, I find pleasure in the organic, random side – I like the surprise of where the eye wanders. You’ve made some sort of artist ‘test’ here and I feel like it should illustrate some profound truth. However, my profound truth? I like them both and like creating in both styles – maybe there’s an icad experiment here for me this week?

  11. This is a really interesting dichotomy to explore. I may have to make linear/non-linear one of my travels.

    gorgeous pages and thought-provoking post.

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