Stitching A Reunion

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Next Thursday I am off here to the lovely rural roads of Wisconsin. A reunion with the sister cousins of whom I feel closest to in the world. To talk, to relax, to paint, paint and paint, to explore our inner selves and our connection to each other.

A friend is hosting a party(thank you Jennifer) to celebrate this group and to meet us for the first time, another cousin waiting to be part of this tribal ya ya like clan.  I needed a motivator, a costume creator for this special evening of sisterhood, so on the 4th while the outside steamed I cooked along with my sewing machine to create a special apron to go with my best moo moo dress, you remember my bargain from the thrift in Calistoga last year. Complete with paint brush holster and polka pocket to hold goodies, I am ready to board that plane and get on painting and talking and loving with my sisters.  When the mojo is humming you might as well sing the tune!

What tunes do you hum to get that mojo moving?



  1. Corrine, I love the dress and the apron. Music/tunes do not feature much in my life. The sounds of the rain or birdsong – these are my background soundtrack.

  2. You’re going to look so good in your painting apron, I love that funky fabric! I wish I knew what does ignite my creativity because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Inspiration do set off new inspiration though so I’d better hang on with both hands when it’s there. What I do know that having obligations hanging over my head somtimes feels like working in syrup.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that pocket!! I’m an 80’s child. So i click on some 80’s music and sing a long , dance around the house and create! Have fun!

  4. That is totally cute!! You’ll be colorful and stylish while you are groovin’….

  5. I love your apron!! Especially that pocket!!

  6. Well that sounds like a HOOT of a time and I must say, you got some sewing skills! Love the apron Corrine! Have a great time! xo

  7. That is one totally fantastic apron and dress combo Corrine! I wish I could be a fly on the wall for those days!
    I especially love quiet…(wonder why). But I do like all types of music too!!
    Hugs to you for your sweet thoughts and comments.

  8. Corrine, I love your new apron, the sweet fabric, and fun litttle accents you made ,like the brusch holder, and the pocket.
    I wish you some wonderful hours wearing this, and being with your sister cousins .
    Happy tour, dear.

  9. I’m so in love with this apron! I’ve looked and looked for a arting apron around here and haven’t found one yet so I’ve dedicated a couple of shirts as painting shirts…..but then I forget and splash some paint around and ….yep, another painting shirt! 🙂 Maybe I’ll bite the bullet, dust off the old sewing machine and “whip” up one for myself – the details on yours (love that pocket) are what make it beyond special! Again, thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I like all sorts of music so I usually choose the music to suit the task. If I need to concentrate it’s something light and moody and if I’m playing and buzzing it’s loud and raucous! Have a great time with your cousins, that apron is wonderful!

  11. What a sweet combination together. Love the vibrancy. It sounds like a great time just waiting to happen. Celebrate!

    I have a really eclectic taste for music so it’s sort of hard to pin it down. I listen to a lot of European groups, Of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Gotye

  12. Now THAT sounds like a plan! You have fun (I know you will) and we will need a full report when you return…..
    Love the apron. Aprons are for ART not cooking!

  13. Oh my gosh, Corrine! That is a fabulous outfit. Wearing that, there is no way you could feel uninspired. Ever.

    Happy painting, and chit chatting, and girly time for you…sounds lovely. 🙂

  14. Fabulous! What a great ensemble, wear it with pride.
    What music gets me going? I’m so varied in my likes but a big favorite is the Dave Matthews band, can’t help but turn them up loud and dive right in!
    Have a fantastic time!! I’m doing a similar thing next week. But I don’t have a cool apron.

  15. I think I am confused about where you are these days… here? is this your new blog? I feel like I have missed you lately, let me know so I can update my side bar, K? xo

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