The Biscuit Thief: A Stitch Story

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There once was a mischevious beagle, who was dumped at the end of a road. Whose good fortune it was to be captured by a woodsman and brought here to me.  The woodsman he sought out our homestead to see if one of our beasts had escaped, but alas the poor pup was abandoned, and we took him and vowed to keep him safe.

He was sorely malnourished and greedy as any hungry pup might be and he learned to find food in most places, including pockets you see.  For ten long years he has thrived and indeed has become quite plump, by stealing and cadging and hunting for every morsel on which he could sup.

Now this plump little hound known as Rusty figured out a pocket he could pick and chewed his way through on two sides to make sure he sopped up every bit. But his person was none too happy to find his handiwork you see on her favorite pair of summer shorts, even though he howled with glee…

So a stitchin and mendin she took on to repair her beloved lavender duds and the story it has a happy ending cause the pup is an adorable mutt!

Rusty, a.k.a. the Biscuit Thief snuck into the laundry room in search of pockets full of biscuit treats and proceded to wreak havoc on my favorite lavendar knock about shorts.Chewing all the way through in search of the elusive biscuit remnant.

Pocket destruction but a bit of vintage Vera sheeting and some buttons and my favorite knock abouts are just like new minus a bit of pocket space.

All is forgiven, until the next time that is.

(all my photos were taken at different times so the shorts don’t even look the same, that’s  what a little light change will do to ya)


  1. Oh the scoundrel! I discovered the same thing in the pocket of one of my bags. Can’t keep a good nose out! Hope the thunder shirt helps him. That was one good thing about my dog losing his hearing, he wasn’t scared of loud noises any more!

  2. hard to stay mad at a face like that!

  3. oh, dear! but , what is now, surely, an aggravation….will, one day, become a precious touchstone. I run across chewed-up, and chewed-thru, articles and it instantly brings a tear to my eye…..of my beloved pooch, Harley. How I miss him. I am thankful for those “notes” he has left behind…..but at the time, not so much.

  4. Oh, the joys of owning (or being owned by!) a beagle!

  5. Great story! cute little thief he is!!

  6. LOL! Never boring around your place. Just look at that sweet innocent face!!! 😀 😀

  7. I would have been furious and frustrated and probably tossed the shorts out rather than try to be creative. Then I would have read this post and been mad all over again that I hadn’t saved my ruined shorts! 🙂 Your solution is perfect – the pup adorable – the weather hot from what I understand. Here in Seattle we might actually hit 75 this weekend – finally a touch of summer!

  8. for the creative, problems are a chance to create something beautiful! you’ve done a terrific job with your patch and it will add a cute bit of color!

  9. Oh,oh , what a gready little friend 🙂
    But your shorts looks even more fun and sweet now hehe, love the Vera Bradley ?piece there …
    Happy 4th of July, have fun.
    And yes I have a room all for my self, that my husbond should not look at too many laces every day,LOL

  10. Corrine, your shorts look so sweet with the patch. Naughty dog but good outcome.
    Dian xx

  11. lyle baxter says:

    what was in that pocket! Bad pup– good outcome! love your choice of repair material!

  12. Oh, those pooches ! What we put up with because of their sweet loving ! The shorts look great though. Maybe a little more Sparkle Day Studio than before ?
    Enjoy the treats of summer, Beautiful !

  13. What a naughty boy! But cute. So very, very cute. 🙂

    My Harry was a rescue dog. When I first got him he had horrible separation anxiety! I tried putting him in the horse stall in my huge garage so he wouldn’t chew the furniture while I was doing errands… and he ate half the door. To this day, I’m not sure how he did it. I think I was too shocked/impressed to be angry. 😉

  14. My son left a sweet in his pajama top pocket (I assume it was a sweet, he couldn’t remember) and our puppy left a similar hole in his pajama top.

  15. Whenever I get stuck in the future I will stuff my pockets with bisquits and leave them in the garden next door cause I love the creativity unleashed by your dog.

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