Mail Art Amore

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Mail Love all round some incoming wonders

Summer wheels from Gina and an equally interesting bike stamp on the back. Check out her amazing mail art on her flickr site.Texture, texture and more texture plus rich jewel tones from Julia.And happy Alloha greetings from Steph – Oh I am jelly of that vacation….. see her tumblr for more totally cool mail art.  She prints lettering like none other!!

A few collage, recycled outgoing from me.Enjoy your day, hope all you folks in the Mid-Atlantic are coping okay with the storms. Make mail, send some love.






  1. You have the happiest mailbox ever! Your mailman must get such joy delivering the goodness to your house!

  2. Your mail art gifts are wonderful dear Corrine -so different, and all great.
    the bike one looks so Danish 🙂
    Also wonderful collage`s from you.
    XO-and O

  3. that looks like just way too much fun 🙂

  4. Fun mail art…and I was just thinking today how it was time to do another bike painting. Love it!

  5. Some great mail art coming thru your door & wonderful letting it all go messy fun below!

  6. Lovin’ your mail art – both in and outgoing… day tomorrow is going to be all about mail art – I owe quite a few pieces and I’m just itching to get creating. I’ve also rec’d some great pieces and I’m eager to share. Thanks for sharing yours!

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