Gelli Rub My Belly Love

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I finally got around to getting a Gelli printing plate and I am in love. Smooshing paint around the plate feels just like finger painting.  I realized my brayer was missing, so I simply used an old credit card and soft brushes to make marks and swirls and I used lightly coffee dyed muslin as the printing surface.  I also overprinted areas quite liberally and experimented with what could happen in a playful way without worrying about the outcome.  Here’s the end result flapping in the wind.And some close-ups

Can’t wait to begin stitching on these and carve some new stamps and masks to work with this.  It is dead easy, and kept me going for two hours on the cloth, paper and a accordian book I am working on as well.  Why did I wait so long????????????


  1. I really MUST get one of those gelli plates. The problem is even the small ones are beyond my budget. But I’m tired of using a plexiglass plate or unflavored gelatin. These look beyond fun. They look like a super way to PLAY.

  2. Corrine, there is always such joy in the work you do. I don’t dare try any more techniques until I clean up my mess.

    Do I detect a little bit of textile work creeping in?

  3. you may have convinced me. I adore gelatin printing, but it’s kind of a pain to make and keep the gelatin block. does the gelli plate last forever? your fabric looks wonderful

  4. Super cool! I especially love the turquoise color in the prints! Can’t wait to see what you stitch on them!

  5. lyle baxter says:

    looks like fun without the work! love the colors!

  6. You had fun! You know I love color….

  7. I don’t know what Gelli rub is but you have done it fantastically! I am in love with this Corrine! This is some serious great fabric!

  8. Well, Corrine, once again you have made colorful, fun, wonderful art! I watched a video about the Gelli Plate and it truly did look easy and fun. I am very tempted to give it a try, but it is going to have to wait as I have way too much going on right now.
    I am certainly loving seeing what you make every time you post!
    audrey ♥

  9. Happy flapping indeed, Corrine, these are awesome! What kind of paint did you use?
    I too have a couple of unused gelli plates waiting, and quite a few gelatine packets from before that as well. It looks like so much fun, messy playful fun.

  10. Wow Corrine you fabric made with a gelli printing plate looks fantastic, look forward to seeing you fabric pieces again after you have added some embroidery stitches on them.
    Hugs Anni

  11. You’ve got some great marks with your playing Corrine and wonderful colours too. My Gelli plate is still in its packet, can you believe it? I really must find the time to play.

  12. I Do NOt Know how you held out so long!! How could you stop after only two!!!!???? Now at some point you need to try it on a gelatin plate that you pour yourself!! I am in love with this process and I have started working with Thermofax screens over th top fo the gelatin plates!!!! Makes my fingers itch to do some printing today!!!! have fun with the stitching!! these clothes are glorious!!!!

  13. Fun fun fun aren’t they ?!?!?! I love your results on these great bits of fabric. And that orange ? Yummmmmmm!
    Happy Playing !

  14. So cool, I can’t wait to see what else you do with them. I love the stitching idea!

  15. Wow. These are wonderful. So colorful.

  16. I have considered and rejected the Gelli belly whatever doodad for quite a while, telling myself I don’t need it, there are plenty of other techniques to try, blah, blah, blah. Yet every time I see someone else’s experimenting and results, I think “I want one of those”. You may have pushed me over the edge…..just looks like so much fun and the company videos make it look easy and enticing. I must need a little gift for…, Start of Summer?! Isn’t that gift worthy? 🙂 Love your results!

  17. Barbara Dunn says:

    Wow! Love the colors, and prints you got! I think I want to try!

  18. I love this idea, I have not seen it before. Your colours are gorgeous too. Michelle x

  19. Just had to stop in and say – You made me do it! – and – Thanks! I have a BFA in Fibers. Never took to mono printing and always felt I could REALLY like it. Had read about making your own gel plate. Little kids, limited art time, never happened. Read your blog post. Indulged in me a Gelli plate. Got it yesterday. Printed some last night after family all asleep. LOVE!!! Thank you Corrine!

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