Creative Play Journal Class: Faces :)

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More moving outside of the comfort zone for some creative play in today’s journal class at the studio.  Barbara experimented with her page to create a collage background for this floral gal with hearts around her too.

The left sided page she completed in another class and the orientation is really like this…I went off in a completely diverse directions and created this fellow here.

Flower girl meet boy.Maybe that’s why all the hearts showed up. Intuitive? A meeting of the minds? Who knew.


  1. They make a great looking couple! 😀 😀

  2. a match made in heaven I would say 🙂

  3. Looks like your having fun girlfriend! What a cute couple!

  4. lyle baxter says:

    looks like more fun being had! faces are fun if you just let them appear as they want to!I’m not much on faces because I try too hard- if that makes sense but recently I have started carving faces! thats a challenge for you!

  5. For me, faces are always fun when we don’t think took much about them and just let them appear.
    Love your play !
    Happy face painting ! 😉

  6. So is your journal play just two of you? I wish I had an arty friend nearby to work/play with occasionally for that extra creative push. I really like the randomness of the red tape – it adds a dynamic feel to your pages. Great fun!

  7. There’s obviously love in the air in your studio! Love both spreads of paper with all the layers and details.

  8. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I love these! They are so happy and artistic – very spontaneous! xxoo

  9. great layers and colors in your pages, and how amusing to have romance even in journal pages.

  10. This is fantastic- the sense of play and experimentation is inspiring !

  11. Wow, just been catchig up (finally!) & I love all the colorful pieces you’ve made, delicious. What a beautiful calming leafy glade. I love heucheras too & I’m sure they can be divided in the Autumn & multiplied!

  12. I love what’s beneath your guy…colors…textures…it’s probably true to men…they don’t show you much, but there’s stuff there.

    Barbara’s girl very much reminds me of the way Kelly Rae Roberts draws faces…they are so sweet as is Barbara’s girl.

  13. FUN!

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