This, That, The Other and Then Some Creative Sparkle

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All weekend I planned to play, the superhero was away, the house to myself, no responsibilities…do you think I did ANYTHING???? No, No and NO… so today in between phone calls and emails and mini crisis and all manner of stuff, I have been juicing along and getting my creative hula skirt swaying in the breeze. Spraying and painting and stamping and taping and coloring and….sparks shooting from the top of my head. I can’t share it all yet, so here is the sneaky peak. Boy does it feel good.  Hope the sun is shining on your creative life…Icad, Icad, Icad yesseriiiiiiii!

Happy trails….



  1. Isn’t that how it works! When I have the space and I have been pushing hard on everyday life I just veg out and become a vegetable. When things get busier because of everyone back at home I actually get more created. Crazy isn’t it?! Looks like you have fun spraying, inking and stamping!

  2. you sure got your mojo working! nice stuff.

  3. lyle baxter says:

    wonderful! love your little book. glad your critic went west!

  4. No worries…some days are more creative than others….sometimes you just have to chill!

  5. Aloha!!! Loving the orange……

  6. I need to get my hula skirt flowing too! I like all the orange in your work – especially the orange rectangles with green strips. I love it when sparks shoot from my head. It is a glorious feeling! Enjoy!

  7. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Thatta girl! Get rid of that inner critic! You rule! Awesome results here! xxoo

  8. Welcome back Ms. Mojo! looks like some delicious stamping/painting and carding going on. I love the looks of it all….those are some seriously cool icads!

  9. I see I’m not alone in wasting time when I have nothing more important. That may be why I procrastinate on my AB lessons until the last minute. I love all the paint, the tape, and those latest ICADs.

  10. I looks to me like you got A LOT done while your superhero was away. I am always the most productive with an empty house for some reason…but never productive with any crisis…even if it is only a mini.

    Happy Tuesday Corrine!

  11. Lots of exciting work there Corinne.
    Sitting still gives us a chance to re-fuel.

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