Step Way Outside of Your Comfort Zone

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My glue stick mojo has taken a vacation and I have been feeling distinctly non-creative, in that funkadelic place where nothing is showing up.  Yesterday in my intuitive journaling class I, yes me, decided to admit I had nothing, nada, zip.  In an effort to melt the glue and rip the funk apart, I drew a face, something that my regular blog pals know I never do.  Harkening back to a class with Judy Wise some years ago at Squam, I jumped in on that page a drew, well, her…She ain’t the prettiest gal at the party, but if you know the song Funny Valentine, well I guess that doesn’t matter one little bit.

“Yes you’re my favorite work of art” from the song…..


  1. My creativity has taken a Summer vacation without bothering to ask permission first….it would be NICE to know when it plans to return!
    My day will be spent reading, resting and probably using soft gel to glue book pages together……or playing with my Plastic Pirates I rusted. 🙂
    Sometimes, I think we just need a break from one thing to let the other influences in, however they manifest!


  2. Dear Corrine, your gal- is the most colourful and wonderful art piece-you are fantastic with the coulors ,dear friend-you can without doubt,- go on ,going outside your comfort zone. What a character, I love her.
    Hugs from me in Denmark-.

  3. I like her very much, she reminds me of the aristocratic families that were used as examples of dominant and recessive genes in biology class. Very nobel indeed. I hope you’re enjoying your out of boundry exercise, it is quite liberating doing unfamiliar thing – you don’t expect or need to be good at it, just enjoy it.

  4. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I like your gal. Her expression really conveys what you’re feeling. True art I say! xxoo

  5. I think sometimes it takes a giant leap out of our comfort zone to get the creativity going again. Good for you for taking that leap!

  6. Love the face. She looks quite determined. Perhaps she has brought the creativity back with her.

  7. Well Corrine, looky at what you did! I love this…love that you veered off the path a bit. She is fab…full of your bright happy colors. And might I add…she looks rather wise. Her eyes are heavy with knowledge. I ventured this weekend too. While on our camping trip I drew a woman with breasts! Just to see if I could. Gasp! : )

  8. Dear Corrine, love your colorful girl and love the way you always use colors in your creations, great art piece.
    Hugs Anni

  9. Hello Corrine, well you’ve had plenty of fun and like me you’ve gone for a colorful face, I love colored faces, she’s a unique creation. Enjoy your week and happy creating to you! xx

  10. Comfort zones are a funny thing aren’t they? And when they’re suddenly empty, what are we left with? And wasn’t this the weekend where hubby is out of town so you were going to have some creative time to play? Bummer that the silly muse chooses now to take a nap!

    I admire your ability to strike off in a direction that’s uncomfortable and unpracticed and yet come up with something with such personality – she looks like a peasant from the 1500s….a hardworking woman that didn’t smile a lot. I hope your creative wings return soon! Maybe you just need an afternoon with a glass of wine in your glade!

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