Sunday Hodge Podge: Flower Power

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This weekend has been a hodge podge, some studio time working on the file folder envelope swap for Karen’s Mail Me Some Art and my student Barbara signed up as well, so we spent a delightful morning coming up with at least one envelope and decided that they would also make just great file folders for our own stashes.  I will share after the swap…

Journaling some flower power on this gray(do you spell it grey or gray?) rainy day.

Flower power is required for this weather.

Anyone recognize the Dick Blick catalog cover in my big flower?

ICAD using a croc’s tag(I treated myself to some aqua ones) and washi.

ICAD today using some hand carved stamps(I finally got around to it) and a bit of yellow for the weekly prompt and some pitt brush marker.

Kids on the way for lunch, potluck with the neighbors later, so at least the conversation will be sparkly even if the weather is not, get out your flowered headband and woot!!



  1. Sounds like you are going to have a very nice Sunday!

  2. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Makes for a bright and cheery Sunday for sure. Love the colors and patterns! xxoo

  3. lyle baxter says:

    it all looks like fun. wish I was there! those flowers are good for carving!glad you got to it! I know “gray” is color it says so on the paint bottles! and grey is probably the english version or someones name I never know too! enjoy the day rain or no!

  4. It is a very grey day here. Love your flower power work. Spent a happy afternoon watching the pageant for the Queen on the Thames in London. It’s such a shame that the weather is being very British!

  5. inspired use of the blick catalog! and your stamp looks wonderful. it’s postcard making weekend here. big stack of mail art to reply to!

  6. Gray, Grey? I use them interchangeably because I just don’t know! it’s very important for my tags when listing on Etsy so I supposed I should use both. We’ve had our share of grey days though lately, that’s for sure.
    Hand carved stamps!… good for you… and for me to see.
    I always love your instantly recognizable lime green and neon pink background… it’s your signature! I think that’s a pretty good idea for file folders.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  7. I came over because of ICAD. I like all of the work you’ve shown here. I’ve been wanting to carve my own rubber stamps for a while. Maybe I’ll try that out during the ICAD months and show what I’ve made too.


  8. well there’s nothing grey about this lovely flowery post …….x

  9. Yahoo – more ICADS to view and share! I don’t have much drawing ability either, but I may stretch my skill a bit on these and try it now and then! It’s all about creativity and trying, not making a masterpiece, right? 🙂 Looking forward to a summer of ICAD fun.

  10. Very nice journal pages and your icad pages are great too. I love the aqua and yellow, so happy!

  11. What a beautiful burst of colour. Makes me want it to be spring here 🙂

  12. Sounds like you’ve made it a sunny day inside! I love all the layers and colors in your journal! The croc tag and tape is my favorite iCard but it no surprise that I like the tape one the most.

  13. It is definitely grey with an e here. Rain, wind, cold, but your work always cheers me Corrine.
    Love the colours.. Yes we spell that differently too.

  14. Yes to flower power!

  15. oooooooooooh! your cards are SOOOOOO ♥COOL♥! i love the washi one, especially (i am FORCING myself not to ask for sources… especially on the music tape…) 🙂 but then the HAND CARVED STAMPS are kind of hard to beat for sheer talent! i love the art catalog flower above, also…so fun and colorful!

  16. Did not recognize the catalogue at all!

    Awesome stamps!

  17. Diggin’ that flower power Corrine!


  18. Yep, I am very thankful for flower power in these cold rainy June days!
    Come on, sunshine !!!

  19. I love flowers of any kind!
    What fun!

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