Creative Juice Moves Outside

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Not too much time in the studio, although I would like there to be more, but life has a way of intervening and changing the plan.  Joy has moved outside in my work on this…

Building new paver patio(s), yes more than one, along with moving these honking rocks which weigh in the neighborhood of 100+ pounds.  Thanks goodness for the superhero and his trusty dolly.

With a bit of help from my Spunky Dude bud(who we have discovered loves digging in the sand.

The next project on the list when this is finished is to actually build him a sandbox!

What’s that Mom, did you say sandbox?????


  1. Your outdoor space look so peaceful even with the little sand digger right in there. Sounds like all of you are getting quite a workout! I would guess there are not so much Big painting going on in the evenings after moving rocks. Enjoy what seems to be lovely weather!!

  2. Years ago we had a golden retriever that LOVED TO DIG……He dug with such joy and abandon i found it very difficult to be upset with him. Seeing the expression on his face as he dug to China often put a smile on my face ….just before i chased him to Timbuktu to get him to stop! Great patio ! Looks like a lot of hard work but can’t wait to see you sitting out there! Hugs! deb

  3. Holy moly – what a lot of work! However, it’s looking so great. And it looks like you’re building in the middle of the jungle – just look at all that greenery. Your patios look like they’d be so peaceful and they’ll have the perfect mix of sun/shade. Though no painting, this looks like a good trade off.

  4. We have to keep the fur-babes happy! Love your outdoor space. Mine is now to hot and humid. UGH. This too shall pass — in late October! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    I love your outdoor space Corrine! And; your pup is certainly enjoying the sand! What a cutie! Thanks for sharing – so peaceful looking. xxoo

  6. That’s going to be so nice when its done. Your doggie is casting a most interesting shadow in the sand there. He gets his own sandbox….imagine that!

  7. lyle baxter says:

    patios look good! when will you be finished? I’ll be up ! pup looks like the world is fun right now!

  8. This place of yours looks like heaven to me! Wow Corrine….this is gorgeous and beautiful! It looks like a great reflecting place…I am sure great inspiration will flow from this!

  9. what a beautiful area outdoors and beyond. I love all the leafy trees and the light shining through. The pattern of the paving is great – love that the rocks take over.

  10. Corrine! You never mentioned you were Super Woman. What a lovely job you are doing…is that a lake I see in the distance? In your back yard? Lovely!

    Love all the colorful divided hearts and GIANT paintings…all splashed with your colorful spirit!


  11. What an outdoor area you have! Those pavers are fantastic! You must be tired with all the work even with a friend helping you dig!

  12. that looks lovely what a wonderful spot ……and hasn’t Ryder grown up ……..handsome lad….x

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